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About Me

A resident 0 A.D. "Old Timer". I was the co-founder of the original Wildfire Studios that modified Age of Kings and I created the mod "Rome at War" back in 2001. I played a significant role in Wildfire Games when 0 A.D. was first conceived. My activity was during my college days in 2001-2005. I took on various rolls: Project Lead ("hiring", promoting, visionary, and task master), Department Head of Art (creating numerous models, animations and textures - much of which is still in the game), participation on the small panel in Game Design (of which many of the features and concepts existing today remain), as well as maintaining the WFG websites.

As what happened to many - finally happened to me. I stepped down from my position in 2007 when it became evident that I was no longer capable of giving 0 A.D. a priority in my free time. Erik (feneur) transitioned to pick up the role and has been doing a fantastic job ever since.

Today I serve WFG as an advisor when called upon and I'm always happy to help any way I can. Especially, when questions come up about the history of a decision, method, or design choice that was made.

I am employed as an engineer working in greater metropolis of Seattle, happily married and a father of three.

Feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions about 0 A.D.'s past.

More about me HERE.

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