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  1. Thank you @Feldfeld and @ValihrAnt for popularising 0ad by streaming it live on twitch.tv as well as for letting others to see how best players do their job. I hope some day 0ad will have more spectators on www.twitch.tv than VALORANT (current TOP 1). Anyway these 3 are in top of all top 1v1 replays. They are definitely 'must-see' games.
  2. Starring in team 1: @juarca as juarca (1345) (0.33 of the game), @wald as wald (1405), @Twardowsky as Twardowsky (1577), @go2die as go2die (1526) Starring in team 2: Cesar as Cesar (1608), @Boudica as Boudica (1738), @Lodbrog as Lodbrog (1553), H.Herly as H.Herly (1197) Summary: This was a 70 min game which finish you wouldn't guess after watching first 25 mins of the replay (when we lost @juarca). Since that moment it was 3 vs 4. Sharing resources and good eco led one team to win. Which one? See a hidden content below, or better, the whol
  3. Pretty funny and entertaining 44 min 1 vs 1 between me (Britons) and Christmas (Ptolemies). 2020-03-10_9999 Twardowsky vs Christmas.zip
  4. Uploaded files are from different match, but also nice one and with exactly the same players. Thanks anyway @badosu for upload and video.
  5. As you asked for @Stockfish, here is the replay. It ends with no resign because of a quit at the moment when @chrstgtr realised this is a true gg (not as the first one fake gg around min 12). It was close to be a short 12 min game, but fortunately it's over 40 min gameplay. Very balanced fight and entertaining game. Have a nice time watching it. 2020-03-03_9999 very nice 1v1.zip
  6. Team 1: Cesar (1608), Twardowsky, Naz (1275) (1/3 of the game), _zoro_ (1666) Team 2: Dakara (1755), juarca (1345), ycswyw (1536), Pluft (1455) Summary: This was very long and hard game. To blanace teams Naz decided to quit around min 22. In this replay you can see: - how to gain 2K killed units (simply fight 1 vs 4), - how to obey savoir-vivre rules and welcome guests at your home, - how siege with almost no protection can beat same amount of champion cavalry, - and finally how to be slower than a turtle making 150 meters distance
  7. Thank you @badosu for all these uploads and @ValihrAnt for developing the balance mod. We hope it will be included into main source code of the game with next release.
  8. ValihrAnt (2122) vs Carthage (1731) on a small map with random biome. Carthage used very aggressive Ptolemies tactic trying to arouse a fear in his opponent. Somehow (that must have been either a miracle or best 0ad player skills) ValihrAnt managed to recover. Complete replay to download: Valihrant reborn from ashes.zip
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