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  1. Agreed on dancing, that's a pretty bad bug in this game. No other high level RTS has something like that with the pathing and it's bad when it's very abused. I don't blame high level players from doing it because everyone else kind of does it, but it's still very frustrating seeing it. The pathing of the units is also frustrating at times- having your entire army go after one unit (without you selecting an attack on that specific unit) in big battles sucks. Having your units attack what is in front of them (by default) would help.
  2. Maybe discord is a better option?
  3. My opinion for balance and changes: Economic: -I think that building repair should cost metal/stone/wood (or whatever it cost to build the building). Rebuilding for free is a bit too easy and it doesn't make sense from an economic perspective either- it always costs resources to rebuild anything in the real world. If a temple is damaged by 50% and you want to repair it (and it costs 300 wood to build the temple), it should cost 150 wood to fully repair it (obviously on a sliding scale). -Some civs have a big hindrance in terms of some of the resources it costs to build their bu
  4. I don't hate the citizen-soldier combination in 0AD- it is a little different in this RTS than others (where you see standard villagers in AOE, probes/scvs/drones in starcraft, etc). It also gives you different strategy options in terms of what you can do (you can either pull all military units when first attacking OR you can leave some chopping wood to maintain your economy). Both have advantages and disadvantages.
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