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  1. Hello, my native language is Spanish. I support this project 100%. I can help with the idea of the mythological game. I was diagramming in an excel (microsoft) ideas of a game of mythology. I have already chosen the resources that the mod will have: food, wood, gold (metal), favor, export (the latter new) 8 factions (Greek-Atlanteans, Nordics, Celts, Vedas [Hindu], Mesoamerican, Chinese, mythology of tribes [Yoruba]). All with the chosen god and its corresponding power and its main mythological unit. Besides, I had already decided the generation of favor of each civilization and its heroes and its unique human unity. These 8 factions, are divided into 4 groups: Where they share by group: 1- system of similar villagers, 2- most important resource (with the objective of developing the civ) 3- units of intermediate ages (I already have them chosen) I have chosen the building system. if they want I contribute my excel !!! so they discard my ideas and other ideas are born The question I ask the developer of the mod is: The idea is to make a game type Age mythology or one with very good historical base like 0 a.d? If it is one with a good historical base ... would not all civilizations have similar humanities and the potential of the game will be diminished?
  2. Hola. Estuve practicando y me anduvo cambiar los iconos de cualquier unidad, tecnologia, recursos, etc usando GIMP2, XnConvert y ICOFX. Tambien cambie las variables de unidades (con Notepad++) Pero no puedo encontrar ejemplos o guias o mods que hayan modificado la interfaz del juego. Necesito saber cual es el nombre del archivo y ubicaciones. El programa con lo cual se puede modificar. Necesito cambiar esto: Mi orden de prioridad : 1- Poder ubicar 7 iconos de ancho por 4 iconos de alto en el a) En las tareas del aldeano para poder seleccionar diferentes construcciones b)Cuando selecciono cualquier edificio para poder entrenar, mejorar (tec), etc 2- Poder un indicador junto con el emblema sobre ¿en que fase estoy? ¿nombre del jugador?, etc.
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