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  1. for me is the same to share a difficult frase by some dead person or food, and im not sharing it w u, here take some paella
  2. but he says mean stuff in lobby, maybe a permanent lobby mute, great players should stay in 0 ad, great player should learn to behave and get propperly social manners like leo dicaprio if ugly, bearded leo could learn how to be a king, u can also do it!!
  3. it will end when u grown up and ask forgiveness to all the people u have insulted, maybe never
  4. lol jc, dont u know that 0 AD isnt about money? its about love and respect good luck
  5. In this film veiled on white night The tenacious son of your enemy The very executioner distinguished dinner A crystal night that shatters I did not dream it He straightened and gave your luck I did not dream it And he offered himself better than ever Don't look, please, and don't turn on the light The image disfigured you This film gives an exquisite image Those boys are like tiny bombs The worst way to the parakeet cave For guys who don't sleep at night I did not dream it You were running adrift I did not dream it Blind eyes wide open Don't look, please, and don't turn on the light The image
  6. oooo the memories, year 2003, cousin came back from eruope w diablo 2 and warcraft 3 as present the mpas, boto, dota, war of the ring, helms deep, footwars, winter maul, WW2, castle defence (L) now i read everywhere reforged suck hard! as diablo 3, or wow that company is dead for me ea and activision, shame on them legion of moders creating they maps, now if u do one it belongs to blizzard, they fear another dota more shame SHAME SHAME SHAME AOE 4 will suck to
  7. GOOD LUCK! share some sexy videos later! xD
  8. spinach omellete, 2 diff lettuces, tomate cherry, smashed pumpkin, and a mix of onion red, green and yellow peppers and eggplant IGNACIO LIKES FOOD, and FOOD LIKES IGNACIO i dont have instagram, dont know what is that it was dinner
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