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  1. hey guys, i get the same thing but already in the lobby? I've downloaded and installed a24 twice, with the same result. Could this be because I also have the SVN a23 installed? I've tried unsinstalling that too but couldn't figure out how =/
  2. I've proposed this already sometime ago: how about an additional function similar to the buddy or friend-thing that would allow you to mark other players as "notfriends" - the idiot-button, kinda? ...you know, so you can designate players with whom you've had bad experienes like quitting, toxic behavoir etc. I play occasionally and i recognise a lot of aliases, but after a few months it's hard to remember things - like "do i remeber this guy because we had a fun game, or because he was a total @#$% last time?"
  3. his name is elegance, 1505 points. wanted to add a screenshot of profile but didnt manage. I usually dont bother but with this rating... commands.txt metadata.json
  4. I am a lawyer - could i maybe help with something?
  5. I have a proposition ( technically I have no clue if this is possible/easy to implement in your mod or not...) : How about a button that has the same function as the buddy button, only in a negative way - kinda like an "idiot"-button? Would be useful to mark quitters especially, and generally rude and obnoxious players...so you don't play with them again by accident? i tend to forget the usernames, or rather i sometimes think: i remember this guy, but I am not sure if it's because he was helpful/polite/good player or, well, ...an idiot! Obviously, this can be fixed by playing only/mostly with trusted ppl and especially hosts, but it would be nice anway...
  6. I am picking this up because of a recent game i played. playing ptolemies against seleucids or carthage (not sure anymore, he had ele's and chariots) i an multiplayer game on a naval map (all players on different islands). One of my opponents fortified all of his coast in all the places where one might land units (walls, behind them towers and fortresses). Lots of archers and chariots for defence. I built several of the large catapult ships available to the ptolemies, meaning to break the defences in one spot to permit landing. But apparently the archers are outranging catapult ships (even when standing behind the walls, it seems). Of course one can play with rules and say walls are forbidden, but balancing-wise that's still an issue - those catapult/siege ships should be able to outrange landbased defenses, including archers. If you can't clear out a landing spot, its (nigh-)impossible to break the defense. I've tried several times with ships + eles + hero + soldiers (then again I am not a very good players but still...). When there is only very limited space to land units (because of the inability to make space by destroying defenses), you are forced to land your units in a trickle and the enemy can pick them off 1 by 1. For the overall gameplay, i do not see this creating other balancing issues (like for example the whole skirmish cav discussion), and it seems reasonably easy to change (I admit I have no clue about the technical aspects of programming ;)). Long story short: I think for balancing purposes the range of heavy warships with siege weapons should be increased to a level that is beyond any other unit or building, with the exception of catapults...
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