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  1. Im playing your DE mod and wanted to let you know playing Spartans was amazing. I was wondering what it does in the mod, thanks for explaining. It should probably become available to get rebuilt at epoch IV. I think some structures can be recycled to function as upgrade of existing structures. In your mod the Stoa would be an upgrade of civic center. Instead building an seperate War Hall you would upgrade an Barracks with one. Athenian would able to upgrade one Civic Center with Council Chamber, replacing the round structure of the civic center's model.
  2. In my opinion: Heroes: to be trained at the Civ Center, checking prequisites. Here we can implement creative prequisites like certain heroes requiring one troop type to be amassed. For example Leonidas would require you to have 30 spartans alive on the board before becoming available to train. Mercs: Some of those troop types have no reason to be Mercs at all, most if not all civs would been capable of mustering an spearman, an bladesman and an basic archer troop type. Why must Athenian limit themselves to Toxotan Mercenary archers for bow usage ? it makes no sense, inspecially if you have played Rome Total War before. Besides that there is not enough distinction between an merc and an regular troop. You pay their full cost in resources instead hiring them with something like 'gold' or 'wealth'. Buildable mercenary camps would have been nice, they will be function kind of like the Saloon building in AoE3, with available merc types determined by the map and probably one or two never changing option provided per civ. The Stoa could provide an function related to mercs, something like reduced costs(?). Sorry i dont really know what an Stoa is IRL. Champions: To be trained at the fortress buildings. The Spartan, the City Guard of Athens etc. would be trained at the Fort, similar to how civs get their specific unit from castles in AoK. We could convert gymnasium to be an building that provides mutually exclusive researched global bonuses for units, that can be built by all greek civs.
  3. The current problem with formations is the constant regrouping when issued an order. This can be solved if we followed the method in Celtic Kings, there will be an generic General(with randomly generated name each time,different per civ) unit that can be trained in the fort, units can be attached to a general in order to function as one formation. General acts as 'center' of the formation so less danger of stray units trying to catch up when moving, and himself is set to be the last unit to die like Sergeants of an squad in DoW2.
  4. So inside '..\My Games\0ad\mods' i have mod public user subdirectories. Into which one of those goes an mod zipfile's content ?
  5. The main problem with soldier workers is they are not reacting correctly when coming under attack during work. In order to circumvent around that issue they could have required to switch into an 'work mode' in order to bolster the workforce. This could be done like Militia ability functions in WarcraftIII
  6. Im not sure if this is a bug or feature, still here is what happent: So i was playing Spartans and there was 5 Bolt throwers before the gates shelling at my Tower, unloaded the Hoplites from the tower to attack those siege weapons in melee, except the hoplites wanted to capture them. They tried but the blue bar of those siege machines always instantly refilled to 500.
  7. Oh my god, im so stupid. I was using quickstart.bat to start the game. Start through pyrogenesis.exe and sound works!
  8. Ah now that i can reply again: thanks for the link about manually redefining them, but cannot be implemented ingame redefine in options, like most games ?
  9. I have noticed units appearance upgrades with rank. This means will almost never see their iconic gear on Hoplites as frontline units they tend to be 'expendable'. I can suggest the looks upgrade be tied to blacksmith researches like it is in Age of Mythology.
  10. Any reason to pick this up over the original+expansion with Upatch + mods ? (outside of 'but graphics!' obviously ) Im still pissed off at AoE2 HD not allowing most of the mods to be run, and never will able to due to some breaking changes made in it.
  11. dont get why are their models left unfinished, round those huts and apply proper texture to them.
  12. The interactions between different unit types need to be worked out, becoming somewhat similar to Age of Mythology. An ranged blob shouldnt be the final solution to all problems.
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