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  1. Is there a place where I can download the latest version of Hyrule Conquest that isn't Mod DB? because that site wont load for my computer.
  2. Modd DB isn't loading for me for some reason. Is anyone else having this problem?
  3. So how are the Immortals and Glass witches treated in modern Darknut society after Zalunbar got thrown off the balcony? Are they reintegrated or still outcasted? Are they even still around? How long do Darknuts naturally live?
  4. What I find dumb is that a man hurling a rock is able to demolish structures. If he was a troll throwing boulders I'd accept it, if he was slinging at a hut or a tent I'd also accept it, but throwing stones at a wooden house or gate to tear it down just feels wrong. I was suggesting something along the lines of adding unit templates to damage types so that it goes up or down according to the receiver. Example: "Unit" receives a 15 strong attack of "whatever" damage from "Some Enemy", but because "Some Enemy"s attack was classified an "Infantry" despite "Some Enemy" being a cavalry, then "Unit" receives less damage. One the other hand, "That Guy" deals the same amount of "whatever" damage but the attack has the "Siege" tag even though "That Guy" is a "Whosit" unit, therefore the "Siege" type is applied to the damage causing "Unit" to take "Siege" damage which he has no resistance to in-spite of the source not coming from a "Siege" unit. Of Course, this could be way too much work to implement so I understand if its not added in.
  5. Well that's pretty dumb. Do you think there'd be a way to seperate damage types based on units? Like having pierce dealt by infantry do less damage to a ship than a ballista?
  6. Excuse me, i'm having difficulty understanding the armor. As in which version of damage and armor is used. I haven't played in a while so I must ask, is there three types of damage and three types of armor, or is there only one damage and one armor that reduced said damage? If its the latter, how does that work for gameplay?
  7. This is my first time making a topic here I believe. Of course, my memory isn't exactly the best but lets not dwell on that. This here is a place to throw up concepts and ideas for all to see for review, constructive criticism, and inspiration. Perhaps even garner support for someone to aid in making the mod a reality. Mods can be either implementing your favorite franchises into the game to duke it out (example Warhammer vs Warcraft), to suggestions for gameplay elements for other people to use, or even concepts you've conjured in your Original Setting that you have in your head. Example: If you have Ideas for the modding community to use or make, pitch them here for inspiration or review. If you like an Idea, be sure to click the heart of the post and copy past it into your computer just in case.
  8. What about dodging and stuff? Can there be a system like Total War Warhammer with melee attack and melee defence?
  9. Does unit experience still work by the way? How do we know the heroes' abilities function the way they are described as?
  10. Do I have to download the vanilla demo to play the current patch? or can I directly download the patch without downloading the first version?
  11. I just visited Hyrule Conquest and checked for any changes that you may not have posted here yet. I noticed Tokay Fodder are back in, with tokay slaves being turned into a civilian unit. I understand why the Regime wouldn't want to dirty their hands with construction and harvesting, as well as why they don't want to get shot or stabbed. But cant the Tokay fodder be given some means to defend themselves along with their shields? Like the spears the slaves carry? The slaves are a purely civilian unit now right? So that means that they don't need the spears anymore, and the Fodder can hold the line and keep their masters safe a lot longer if they can strike back.
  12. Wait, so is stealth, criticals, and dodging finally in?
  13. Can this can be fixed? Having the miners garrison the structures for income is an interesting mechanic. All these are good features, I hope these get added soon. Questions: I know I've asked this before but how are mercenaries going to work in the game? How does armor and damage work? I don't quite get the mechanics. Does it work as damage minus the product of damage multiplied by 0.(armor) or is it damage minus armor?
  14. How are you going to Implement Mercenaries btw? Are they all going to come from a single npc building on the map or are they going to divided into different groups, each with its own structure, and each of which are available only on certain maps/biomes/whatever. Example: Shrine of Shadows (or some other edgelord foreboding name): Trains and recruits Stalchildren, Gibdos, and Deadhands and maybe researches things that benefit these units and probably even the owner faction, but only if they are a shadow faction. Stalchildren: Large numbers, expendable, and small chance to come back after death on the spot after short delay. Gibdos: Durable and expendable meatshields, weak attack and slow. Can you please make them have an aura that weakens enemy units offense/defense or something? Deadhands: Very durable, slow, and slows down enemies in its radius, please give it an ability to cause hands spout from the ground elsewhere as a ranged area of effect and debilitate enemies. Keaton Cartel Hideout: Can be upgraded from hideout -> base -> blackmarket ( you could name it stronghold), provides recruitment for various Keaton units and can function like a market but with a benefit/detriment system. As in you set a resource you want and half of the resources your workers deposit and convert it to the desired resource but you only get half for what you spent or something. Maybe even an ability to distribute drugs that enhance the performance for your units at the cost of slowly losing health until you turn it off. Highwayman: Fast, Stealthy, skilled at parrying, can cause critical hits on occasion and be upgraded with small shields for better parrying and minor resistance to arrows. Stealth detectors and attacking can reveal them. Marksman: Fast, Stealthy, can shoot while stealthed, stealth detectors can reveal them. Saboteur: Fast, Stealthy, volatile concussions and be thrown at units and building, breaking stealth and causing death and panic, or can be silently planted on buildings and siege weapons for a timed explosion causes greater damage to the target and surrounding units/ buildings, friend and foe. Personal Unit Suggestions: Poacher: Longbow units with stealth, fast firing rate, longer range, and slight armor piercing. Can harvest meat. Do extra damage against various beast and cavalry units. Assassin: Fast, stealthy melee expert that can enter enemy buildings to kill the garrison. Chance to get killed by the garrison instead. Veterancy decreases that chance. Hylian Mercenary Den: Trains mercenary variants of Hyrule low tier infantry, these units are slightly cheaper and and faster to recruit but at the cost of not being as good as their non-loyal counterparts but maybe with abilities to make up for it. Hylian Sellsword: A lesser cheaper version of Kingdom Infantry, faster movement and maybe stealth. Hylian Arbalest: More powerful attack and increased range than the vanilla counterpart, compensated by slower firing speed, slower movement and less armored. Hylian Raider: Kingdom Cavalry with decreased stats in all areas except movement, which is improved. Maybe also fire a weak shortbow.
  15. Dear Undying Nephilim, I'm a big fan of your work, I bought Medieval 2 for the sole purpose of installing your mod. Sure you may have released your announcement for 0 AD conversion soon after, but I don't blame you. After all, Medieval 2 is still a pretty fun game and I was never able to install the mod due to technical issues. Although I don't have the demo for Hyrule Conquest, as I would like to play it without fear of bugs or of the installation of the mod causing crashes due to my unfamiliarity with modding, I would like to make any contributions to this project as I can. Have you heard of Shadiversity? He is a real world historical weapons and armor enthusiast and has made, for fun, several videos about fantasy creatures and what real world weapons and armor would they would most likely use due to their anatomy. Maybe you can use this info to enhance gameplay? Here's an example that you could use for the Zora: And fairies
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