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  1. The AI does somewhat follow a build order, it also waits to age up. It is also centered around phases. It just waits for the next phase to start on some key buildings (even if it can build it in age one). A lot of the AI is based off of hard numbers, 1 barracks, if pop > X, build another barracks. This should explain the high resource problem clearly enough. I think you get the point. It is initialized with the idea of low resources. It's not just Calvary that this strategy could work with, pretty much anything if you are fast enough. In the beginning, the AI is slow. I'm not entirely for sure but the Civic Centre isn't handled as a military building, just a worker trainer. If you can get troops over there fast enough (before they build their barracks), you shouldn't have to worry. SVN/A23 - Still waits to age up. Still needs the pop to build another barracks. I don't know if a fix is in the works. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/ai/petra/config.js
  2. I just realized that houses only being allowed in neutral territory can lead to a population lock on small maps. Pretty much anything that is just neutral can lead to this in late game though. :/ So it's not really a big deal. You can have more than one in the tag that governs it though. Though anyone who's played this game would expand asap. I kinda like hyrule as an intro civ, teaches you how to do that. To simulate the goron's build pattern, you could try setting the build distance. Similar to the CivCentre but using the Structure class instead. I think the distance is taken from the center of the building. I don't think the AI is set up for this though. There is a MinDistance tag you can use as well as a MaxDistance. I'd probably leave the storehouse, market, farms free. IDK, you'd have to play it after making the changes. I like the idea of the limited range of building. It makes it seem more like a city/mountain would.
  3. I found the wiki! http://hyruleconquest.wikia.com/wiki/Hyrule_Conquest_Wiki
  4. I think the market should be based off of a resource that can't be collected in the game. Like a form of currency. It's determining how much 'money' a civ has that is hard. 10% the price of a building added to the currency amount? When you buy something, reduce the amount of currency that civ has, and have it trickle to the max amount (like a tax basically). I don't know if they had currency in 0ad.
  5. Are you saying that you are playing a match over the internet? It could be a slow internet or your friend overestimating his machine. Just to be sure... Uncheck and drag all-the-way left everything in the center area of the options menu. Leave VSync enabled and possibly Unit Silhouettes. That last one will make the game a bit easier to play. You might have to play around with the bottom two bars of the center-part of the menu. I don't know exactly what is best. If you are playing online. disable observers. To the left of show sky and set the one below it to 0.
  6. Humm... They should show up by default. Atlas should just load everything. Try loading the hyrule mod in the game and saving the configuration. Then open up atlas. You're going to have to look through the long list of entities/actors to find the mod's stuff. I don't think there is a 'sort by mod option'. @The Undying NephalimI say new years gift for the forum. If the patrons say sure, go ahead though. We don't mind waiting a few days. The new year is a lot big than Christmas IMO. Also https://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/20676 projectile animations seem to have been added to the SVN/A23. I think you wanted this for a civ or two.
  7. I think you can be unit specific with Aura's (not the trickle, as Loki said). It'd be modifying loot so they'd get it when they die, not when you hit them though. It is in the TechModifications but again I don't know if the Aura's have access to it in A22. I think Grundus made it work for Auras. IDK when. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/TechModifications https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Aura_Templates See affectedPlayers to target the enemy. You probably already know. I'd abuse this trickle/resource on hit to the maximum. Come here little healer... "What's that trapped in the walls?" ... "It's my leprechaun." Wack!
  8. I didn't know that's what it meant in delenda est. I thought it was more of an 'on green grass' kind of thing. I think the tool tip just said 'fertile'. I feel stupid.
  9. I think I've got the answer to why people put farms near the CC's and don't use farmsteads. Farmsteads can't be built on neutral territory. Building them away from the base is only possible with expansion. Sure they could place them along the border of the territory. That not only looks stupid. It is stupid from a defense standpoint. The farmsteads don't provide any real benefit to the farms other than a quick drop off point. Give them a less boosted aura similar to the rotary mill (or an hp boost)? If it was possible to add a restriction to the amount of distance one could build outside of their territory that'd be nice. A can't be built more than X meters into neutral territory kind of thing (for farmsteads and storehouses). It'd make the game a lot more enjoyable. As for house walls. Just reduce the hp of them. They will be forced to build actual walls if they want to stay safe (and keep training troops/workers). The house is one of the most essential thing you could lose. Force them to believe it CAN be lost to a few soldiers. Make it more realistic.
  10. template_unit_goron_citizen doesn't have a _field entity in it's Builder list. You've probably got it set up the same as you did in the previous release (Farmstead/Field or Farmstead/Corral) combos. The farmstead needs to be renamed as a field, have the class Field, and be added to the build list. I posted about this problem ages ago about the hyrule and gerudo. The farmstead should be named as a field if it is to be used that way. The corral, a corral (and have class Corral). so on and so forth. The farmstead is treated entirely different. The reason it was being built first is because farmsteads always are (near berry bushes). It's not finished because the AI was forced to build it in starting strategies (because it has a building named '_farmstead' in it's build list) and the AI literally has no use for it as no resource that it can gather is around it (thus, ignored). Ban Farmstead from your mind unless you literally just want a building to be considered a dropsite for food. Sorry if I sound frustrated but age's ago. Everything that I can tell is correct, except for the no goron_field part which literally equals = no field. Removing the counts will force the AI to stop waiting for berry supplies to be gathered. It again, will affect everyone. Template name's mean everything to the AI. @mimo this fact is more annoying than a pack of rabid badgers - plus is this Farmstead/(Field or Corral) combo supported in any capacity. I think the Corral class is counted as a trigger for needCorral... and needFarm... wouldn't matter if it is or isn't they only know to build _field and _corral when dealing with them. The variables seem to be everywhere in A22, I haven't really looked over the newer code.
  11. You've changed it to the correct resource supply type? That's the only thing I see. Everything should be working fine. I've tested everything and it works perfectly. It's something on your part with the templates and types. It could be a misspelling of sorts. IDK. If you can get the github account up I can look at the templates. You don't need to upload petra to it just the file I added.
  12. I'd have to look at the templates to fix this bush gathering. It's probably something small. Force them to build a field at the start? I believe they wait a certain amount of time to build fields. Changing that would force everyone else to build them which has got me to be a bit reluctant. But: A23 I think has the ability to load json files in the AI. This could allow for a 'civ' specific strategy to be made. Return worker.js to the petra default and paste the attached file into the petra folder (leave the name the same). It has some of mimo's code in it. Tested by removing everything but <metal.ore> in the template_unit_support_female_citizen.xml. Removing everything but food.grain and the above changes to the count < statements does allow them to build farms near the beginning. It takes a while to get to it though. The build assignment is done in a separate check. worker_Hyrule.js
  13. Are the mines named as _field and have the class Field, and the proper resource supply type? They only look for fields to gather from and aren't considered in the supply check. Adding Field to the class list will allow it to be viewed as a gather-point for food. Changing the template name will allow it to build it. The AI is a bit too literal with it's template names and classes. The names need to be exact. I've tested the adjustment I've made with the public mod; for food.fruit and food.meat removed for 20 minutes now. They don't even go near the resource for me. Which has got me at a loss. Could it be the fruit template? You said it worked for meat. The only suspect I can think of is the fruit template... The supply is never noticed so it can't be marked as gatherable (or a target) in any capacities. If you are testing this in atlas that might be a problem. atlas... is a bit odd.
  14. No, with the addition the only way for a unit to gather from something, is if it has a gather-rate variable for it. It is never told that there is a 'supply' for it to gather from. If some are not clustering, some must inherit from something different. Check the parent files for those that do cluster and see if that parent can gather. Females and CitizenSoldiers have different gather rates and different files. If they inherit from template_unit_infantry or template_unit_calvary (calvary meat only) they have a gather-rate as well. I forgot about those.
  15. I know it can be changed and hopefully will be. Hiding of resource and market values would take a bit and is necessary when it come to the other two resources. It is still a problem. As for the next release of this mod, it doesn't need to be done just yet. This will be a workaround for the 'release blocker' that that was. This AI problem should be able to be solved with an addition to findsupply. Open worker.js (copy the petra folder to hyrule first). The function findsupply is oddly nested inside startGathering; about half way down the page... or just use ctrl+F and type findSupply = Only a workaround other parts need to be updated and changed. Tested with public and removing food.meat from the female citizens. They stood around cause they seem to just hunt animals in the beginning and the code of 'startHunting' doesn't check if they can even hunt animals. Eventually they will walk off to cut wood or build buildings. The below fixes the 'standing around' problem if you disable 'food.meat'. Untested but should work to enable treasures - replace separated code in find supply:
  16. For EditEdit - They still have the food.fruit tag in the file (or the parent file). If you don't want to change the parent file, you might be able to 'cancel' the rates tag by <food.fruit />. The 0 gather-rate threw errors for some reason. It might have been that template_unit_support doesn't have a rate or a do not 'divide by zero' insurance. I could of swore that 0 worked though. A quick check to see if you've set it up right is to start as the goron's select those that can gather and hover over the resource you want it to ignore. If the mouse icon stays an arrow, you've set it to the proper value. Let me know if this works. I'm sure the Engine would throw an error if the AI was to force it to gather something it couldn't.
  17. Immersion-breaking? What about play-ability? The civ's that depend on wood - depends on the map. If no one on your team can trade that resource... You are SOL. It's just a 'different type of wood'. It's like having a civ that can only gather pine, trading it for oak. I get the need for immersion. I just think playablity is better and more important. Also with separate resources, it'd be better for Hyrule to team up with the Gerudo than the Zora's. That break's immersion. You'd basically be crippling yourself to join a team with anyone that doesn't have or can't trade the resources. Besides, when you're playing the game and immersed, you're not trying to figure out what resources your ally has. That is more meta-immersion which I don't think exists. You are immersed in your city, not your allies bank.
  18. Yeah, probably the pathfinder. In the mean time: you can try adding local.cfg* and adding the below to it: then disable glsl... thing. Which will disable parallax anyway... I think... Still better safe than slow. I think that's the saying. *On window xp... You'd add local.cfg here: C:\Documents and Settings\{UserName}\Application Data\0ad\config
  19. From the sound of it it doesn't seem to be an 'actual' replacement of resources. If they never have more than 4 resources, you only need 4. On resource loading, change the icon&tool-tip depending on civ type (I don't know how to do that so... *cough*). I think the json is loaded once so you should just have to set it equal to 'blah'. This would by-pass the market and bartering problem entirely. Restrictions/additions to gathering a resource could be done through the xml's gather-rates and to resourcesupply(see Note); adding <food.coralmold>#</food.coralmold> and setting food.fish to 0. The treasure statement of s0600204 is a good one. I've never messed around with them. Aren't they of type 'treasure' like food.treasure or something? Note: ResourceSupply can only have one type. They can not be of type food.fish and food.blob... Or some stone/metal/goron related analogy. It sounds like you're making different resource supply's specifically for certain civs. Map generation/fairness is gonna be a pain to manage if that is the case. --Add sub-types to the resource's json file of course.
  20. Not sure about the bullets/flashes or tutorial on particle effects. Special powers (abilities) - Short answer - No. Sort-of-answer: It has been requested several times and something seems to be in the works. I'm not sure when (or if) it will be done. I'm not program savvy-enough to understand the engine or to help in any capacity. Wasn't there a mod somewhere that had unit capture? I don't think it replaced the actor just updated it with the proper colors... so most-likely no on the 'capture and replace unit with slave part'.
  21. I played ceasefire against the AI on 25 minutes, then 20, so on and so forth. Eventually, you'll get a pattern going. If you put in on for 15 minutes and can spend a few minutes on city phase just spam-building CC's or military colonies next to the enemy (do to boredom, not to torture them)... you are ready to shut the ceasefire off. When you do that switch to upgrading troops at the blacksmith and building siege ( Elephants <3 ). Even if the enemy attacks you early, you should have enough citizen soldiers to fight them off. Make sure not to just focus on one type of citizen soldier, they tend to cost the same and have the same train speed so, train an array of each. Best to be prepared for whatever comes your way. Also: Ctrl+Right Click to attack move. The AI and players can be 'capture' jerks. Usually best to just obliterate the building. The soldier gather rates is important as Grugus said. Make sure to send a female over so the aura can boost their gather rates. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/HotKeys //Some keys are for the svn/next release... you'll have to test out which work. Ctrl+(0-1) and Shift+(0-1) is very helpful. So is Alt+Double Left Click
  22. With this flare option it might be possible to tell the AI where you want to attack (or the player where it's attacking). An addition to the attack manager to look at that location or something.
  23. Adding a graphic to the mini-map (or over it) to show the location of the flare, and having that graphic be restricted to the mini-map area (accounting for scaling and possible movement of the mini-map). Then passing that information to allies. Reading it, and showing it, if you are an ally of the sender.
  24. The classes Village, Town, and City ( Though, City isn't really used, i don't think ). Anything that can be built with-in a specific phase should have that phase in the class or visibleclass tag. That way they will count toward the requirements for the next phase (and any tech you want to add a requirement for). They should have it, if you want them to count I should say. You might want to rename the gerudo's "farmstead" to a corral so the AI will know they have one. Petra is set up around template names as well as a certain set of classes. When it checks to see if a corral has been built it looks for the class Corral. It can't build more of them because the template {civ}_corral doesn't exist. Hyrule's farmstead might need to be changed to _field. I don't know why they have a basically empty _field file. The farmstead is the field... but the AI just views it as a farmstead. If you want the AI to build it and use it they look for the file {civ}_field and class Field. Just remember, to make it AI friendly, you are pretty much restricted to exact template names and classes. -- Answer to your spawn question: No. Not at the moment.
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