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  1. The Marian reforms especially affected the Hastati, Principes and Triarii. These troop types turned into one new unit type, the names were still in use though. However, this was not the only change, but it's the change the Marian Reforms are commonly known for.
  2. @Hiram, that's a good idea, where did you find these images extactly? I found out it's from a lesbian gamers site but back to topic now. =)
  3. Salvete! mihi nomen est ... nah, let's leave that ^^ I'm your voice performer and I was told to record Celtic and Greek sounds, however, I've some problems with some pronunciations, they're sadly not as clear as they should be. Greek How may I serve you? - Pos dunamai therapèuein The last word therapèuein is a bit tricky, is it: therapè u e in? ...pèu e in? (poi e in) ...pèu ein? (poi ain) The word kurie: is the last syllable ie like ee or i e (ee ye[ah])? I guess I'm right, but nonetheless I'm asking to be safe, the grave accents (è, à ... ) means that one has to put an emphasis (speaking longer/accented) on this word, correct? tèucho: te ucho or teu-cho? Celts I'm not sure how to accent Tay properly, is it really that English or more like tai? Ar fy fforth - Very funny guys, very funny I get the pirate arrrrr and the fy (fee, fi) is also okay, but how to speak out two fs? Just one long f? And the r in fforth seems to be a rolling r, is that right? Am-ee-no, I know this has been written for native english speaker, but I need my 200%, sorry Is it Am like in America or more like German am like in Amme? rest should be fine cheers
  4. darn, and I thought we're going to have porn stars ... meh Interesting text which tells us one of the most annoying things in working for money, I already experienced several little burn outs due to a lack of support, but that's the advantage of a job that deals with creative tasks, isn't it? Getting paid for your creative handling, even with burn outs. Ok ok, I know at wildfiregames no one is getting paid, we do it all for free
  5. No, but happily my girlfriend has red hair as well. Edit: @Alemanus - .. and brown eyes too!
  6. Rome was never totally destroyed there's a reason why it's called the "eternal city" and it's of course just an abstract poll. =) My real mother was greek, my real father german and you don't see that I have greek roots. Red hair, only celts had them
  7. Just a short run-through for ninja: Female ninja are called 'Kunoichi' - they got the same basic training as the males, however, their main task was to release secrets by means of their attraction. I vote for a sword or tonki.
  8. That's why I said that cheat units should not just be considered as OP units, but also as more or less fair opponents. They'd just make the theme of the game a bit unreal, but just for a time since they're just cheat units. Hm yeah, copyright, well - you wouldn't pretend it's yours right? And you'd have designed them on your own, so it's on the one hand enough work made by yourself and on the other hand you don't steel any property. You just immitate it, give it a different role under a totally different aspect. It'd be against the copyright if you'd make it exactly like in the other game or when you pretend it's yours.
  9. If you have the texts I'd try some latin voices.
  10. And for the roman latin, remember that C was spelled like K not S, this appeared just hundred(s?) of years after 0 A.D. (lol)
  11. ... and when they have, will we hear ancient languages?
  12. Would still be a "standard cheat". What about a little review of some cool old games? Since the 0 A.D. team includes them, they should set the priorities. Here just some ideas: .. some lost units that suddenly appear again in 0 A.D. ! means as well cheat units as normal units from other games - you remember these two neat fighters from AoE1 in NBC suits (was "Photon man" and "e=mc2 trooper" I think)? Lemme brainstorm some games, Command & Conquer, Diablo II, Zelda, War & StarCraft and of course AoE1-3! .. You can probably think of more or better ones, should just be an impulse =) .. mythological units (á la AoM, grecian and egyptian mythology ftw! ), non-civ heroes from history (dunno which you already have and which not..) .. fictional characters from books or movies (StarWars, ow .. there're a lot of possibilities ) .. objects that randomly appear on the map (like an artefact [AoE1] or relic [AoE2], Tiberium fields etc.) I'd also vote for units that do more than just look cool or have an unique attack style. Units or objects that produce anything (tickle) or are able to produce (training via costs) would be quite interesting, especially if the normal 0 A.D. units are not just fighting against superheroes, but also against/with units that are just similar or also worse than they are [muhaha, weak zombie hordes!].
  13. Strange, this topic is called "Blood?" and question is about the delay time of removing dead bodies. So, I'm gonna give this thread the right draft now (even if I don't know if this question was already asked) - Will there be blood effects?
  14. I've seen censorship always as a good laugh xD wait - Lions in Greece? The idea of implementing extinct animals reminds of seeing rather unkown animals like Serows in AoE3. It looks really odd, but I would value this bonus of realism.
  15. Well, AoK just shortened the term of destruction. It's not the 1:1 reality, but still a realistic symbol, I didn't really have a problem with it. ^^ But yeah, realistic 1:1 damage would of course be something I'd support. Raiding with style
  16. It's not pedophile (I'm not Peter File! ^^) having children in wars. It's real and I dunno how many people would say that wars are pedophile. War are never 'phile', never friend of anyone, everyone gets killed. I'd only like them to be in as passive, ambient undestroyable units.
  17. You got a good point. I agree to that. Nevertheless feneur is also right, you'd need to give them a role and just giving Hellenes children is also weird .. somehow, it'll look like Romans, Celts and Persians had no children. Another possibility would be children as non-destroyable ambient, but if you include that, the game needs more of it to be still authentic and that's a lot of work, tho I'd love it. If they'd be part of active happening, I'd give them a basic role in view of unit production. They get older and when they reached a certain age you can recruit them or let them work. That'd give the unit production also a passive aspect. But that's not all, you still need more for that to get it working. Population Growth and all factors which influence it and this would give the game of course another character. Reminds me somehow of the Total War Series where the mood and situation of your people in towns played an important role. I've no idea what the current unit training system is, but I admit that changing it to this what I said would be pretty much work. Nevertheless I'd really like to see more ambient activity, more passive events. That'd give the whole game a pretty unique character without changing the active systems, cause besides the possibility to show your knowledge of realism in the ancient times, it's a cool gameplay feature which is not existent in many games with that theme.
  18. My german is perfect, since I'm a german myself (that's nothing natural..). I would like to translate together with other german-speaking users. So yeah, that's an offer. =) I've a weakness for soundtracks, I'd really like to compose some ingame tracks for you, but I'm busy with own projects, so that's unfortunately not possible at the moment.
  19. Of course, this is how mods usually do it. I'm in the modding community of Age Of Empires III and in our section we've a so called Mod Database. If you click on the link you can see images for every different state of progress. What I suggest for 0 A.D. is a similar method just for every big field/aspect of the game, for example a progress bar for Textures, Research, Coding, Planning etc.
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