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  1. Finally this has come up. I'm an architecture student at cornell university (perhaps I will post some of my work someday)

    Basically I spend about 120 hours a week talking, drawing, modeling, sketching, drafting, arguing, and traveling for this thing we call architecture, so don't be surprised if what lies below runs on for a while.

    Right away I'm going to say that it's good to know architectural precedent if you want to know about capital A architecture, but architecture is an enormously complicated thing that acts on many different scales and I don't know if it should be treated like art collectors treat painting, which is to say, lump things together and generalize "styles" of things. One can easily tell how much of a historian you are in the way you talk about architecture.

    Maybe I can offer what I know of the architect's point of view, which definitely is different, but I can't say better. Probably for me I would say it's richer and more generative, but I have a bias.

    A famous critic once said that architecture, painting, and sculpture operate on three levels.

    Painting operates on the first level, and its architectural implications are detailing, ornament, decoration.

    Sculpture operates on the second level, and its architectural manifestation is the mass and void.

    Architecture operates alone on the third level, and its characteristic is that of spatial experience. This alone is the realm of the architect, it is his inheritence, his true medium.

    What I mean to say is, if you look at architecture on this first level alone, you can still look at it, but to really begin to understand architecture it's necessary to penetrate many levels of meaning.

    A suggestion is to get into formal analysis (which is to say the analysis of form as to its architectural implications)

    I can recommend some good reading on the topic that gets into architectural criticism from an architect's perspective.

    An interesting question to consider is:

    What is a good architect?

    After teaching at one the best architecture schools in the world for decades, my professors can't even really tell you what architecture is. They have a pretty clear idea, but to try to put it into words is almost pointless in my opinion. A lot the most minimal architecture for instance is simply too complex for words to decribe.

    I dare someone to try to write about Tadao Ando's water temple and do it justice. Or Rafael Moneo's Museo del Arte Nacional Romano. Or Peter Zumthor's Thermal Baths in Vals, Swtizerland. It's sublime stuff.

    @Caesar - the facist modernism (and the so-called intellectual movement called Italian rationalism) of the 30s and 40s in Italy is perhaps one of the most interesting area of architecture for me. I have particular interest in the futurist implications of technology, speed, and social change that shapes the work of architects like Matte-Trucco, Sant'Elia, Terragni, Libera, etc.

  2. Yeah that's a lot closer to the kind of stuff I spin. Except for the bpm haha. Really really high quality tracks.

    I love the breakdown at 7:27 and the outro is really emotional. You probably knew I would say that though knowing my tastes as a DJ haha. Actually the part after 7:27 reminds me of a gareth emery production. eg echano - nothing to live for (gtr remix), cupa - mass panic (gtr remix), etc

    If I had one criticism it would be the melody synth seems to have too much treble and not enough sound in the lower frequencies. I know psy trance is different though, and it seems like the bassline is really separated from the melody, where in progressive trance they tend to be more integrated and layered.

    That's a very subjective criticism from someone who knows what he likes :D

    But objectively I would say I'm totally impressed with the caliber of productions you guys pull off. I believe this is good enough to get signed.

    Nice work ;).

    BTW - I'm going to be broadcasting a mix on ETN.fm this coming sunday (the 5th) I don't have my exact timeslot yet, but when I get it i'll make an official news post here hehe. You might be interested, I'm not sure. Basically starting with some progressive trance bordering on progressive house and then quickly getting pretty technical and banging by the end, with a steady bpm increase over the entire set and a relax at the end. all harmonic mixing.

  3. When the image prints over a label, the label has a hole and not the image. That way when you peel the label off you know even if it's not centered that there will be no white showing on the edge. In printing they call this "bleed".

  4. Cool. Yeah the music in this mix, and the music I really spin and listen to could be described as driving melodic trance. I'm really picky about how I mix, and this mix is done entirely harmonically, which means I am listening to the keys and chords of the songs in order to make the transitions and trajectory of the mix as musical as possible.

    I also listen to goa (which I enjoy a lot more than psy for its more melodic nature), and drum and bass, because drum and bass is just crazed. My friend and DJ partner is a huge afficiando of dnb, and does a little production work, so I have developed an ear for it.

  5. David -

    Keep going with art! There's a lot of talent in those sketches, a good eye. The sketches of bamboo and of paper bags really stand out to me.

    Which reminds me, I've always wanted to do a rendering of paper bags on a piece of kraft (paper bag) paper.

    I think exercises are really important for getting better (especially at drawing), but also I would try to branch out creatively in terms of theme, expression, and style. It's great that you are experimenting with many media, but it's also important to experiment with themes, etc. And then this way you start finding that you keep drifting back to the same things... and style starts to emerge.

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