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  1. I finished some more wildlife while I wait on Exodarion:
  2. I will have custom GUI eventually. Ideally I would like each civ to have their own GUI. Spider webs and organic growth would look nice for the Gohma. The GUI is low priority right now though. I do have custom icons for resources at the moment however.
  3. It's been about a week and a few days, and I'd like to share what I've been doing. It's nothing visually interesting, but those with lower PC specs will probably like it. Most Real Time Strategy games (and in fact most graphically intensive games these days) have a feature called LODs, which stands for Level of Detail. The short of it is, the further away a camera is to any object, a more low-quality, low poly version of that object's model will load. This significantly helps frame rates and performance. Unfortunately, 0AD has not yet implemented LODs, so currently the high poly versions of models show at all times, even when zoomed out to the maximum distance. While this assures everything looks good, people with lower end PC's have reported bad frame rates and terrible lag. Until 0AD properly implements LODs, a small, separate download will be available that replaces the game's models with low poly versions: The might not look nearly as good up close, but from a distance you might not even notice. This should help users that lack a powerful enough PC to render hundreds of high poly soldiers at once.
  4. Does skirmishes, scenario, and random.DELETE still work to get rid of all stock maps from mods? It used to work but it seems ever since 0.23 all the stock maps are showing up as options despite the fact I have those three DELETE files there. What material did you use?
  5. This is the result of using that, it's not quite the effect I'm going for: Using photoshop, this is the effect I'm trying to go for that doesn't seem to work in 0AD: This can sort of be replicated by setting to the bloom to be really high, except even then it only works when there's light. I really want noticeable glow in the dark effects on the Gohma like this.
  6. I guess a more important issue, on walls of mine that specifically only have Long segments and not Short or Medium. I'm spammed with a continuous string of errors until the sizing while dragging out a wall is just right: <p class="error">ERROR: No placement possible for distance=18.094, minOverlap=0.1, maxOverlap=0.8</p> <p class="error">ERROR: No placement possible for distance=44.231, minOverlap=0.1, maxOverlap=0.8</p> <p class="error">ERROR: No placement possible for distance=59.025, minOverlap=0.1, maxOverlap=0.8</p> This seems to happen even on normal walls with short and medium segments in 0AD once in awhile. It doesn't seem to have any negative effects on gameplay, but visually it's a bit jarring to see a massive wall of red errors when trying to lay down a wall. Is there's a way to solve this problem with walls?
  7. No matter how high the emission rate is there's always big gaps between the spawned particles, the gaps are larger the faster the projectile moves: I need a solid, unbroken stream of particles for very fast moving projectile to create a "laser beam" looking effect:
  8. As I mentioned this really only works if the projectile is moving slow enough. If the projectile moves too fast, there are huge gaps in between where the particles spawn from the projectile. I guess I could just make the beam slow moving, but that kind of defeats the purpose of creating a fast moving, nearly instantaneous laser.
  9. I've got another question, is there a way to make a fast moving projectile look like a solid beam? My first solution was to just give sprites a very high emission rate, but the effect really only works for slow moving projectiles. If the projectile moves too fast there's still big gaps and it doesn't look like a solid beam. Did you mean .23? If so then no, it will not work with .23. I'm currently updating Conquest to be compatible with .23
  10. The 0.2 Patch needs the 0.2 version of Hyrule Conquest, which needs the 0.22 Version of 0AD
  11. That is awesome, I didn't realize I could have the camera disabled and then have it play during a replay.
  12. Exodarion might have the Goron base plots working as soon as the next few weeks, there's no confirmation on that. I am under the impression Stealth is already in the engine in some form, the devs just didn't like it and don't use it as a mechanic in the game's current form. I've not yet got a clear answer on how to use Stealth and I've not investigated the matter yet as I think it's a lower priority. I'm not sure when the devs plan to add anything like Dodging and Critical Hits. I might just not bother with overhead shots I guess. Is there any way to get workers to do things without the player input when the cinematic mode is running? Or do the 0AD devs just set the cinematic on some timer and order units and workers around before the camera kicks in?
  13. Some other strange issues I've run into. I'm using the Cinematic Camera path to put together a trailer, but for some reason when in the cinematic mode the perspective of everything is extremely messed up: Almost like everything is being pinched towards the top center of the screen and flattened. I've tried the various style modes, growth, expo, circle, etc but the same problem persists. Is there also a way to have the UI still visible when a cinematic camera is moving?
  14. I seem to recall someone mentioning that ambient sounds for units was a thing, how would I go about implementing that for my units?
  15. In the case of the Gohma one of their units flings very small larva, I could probably just give the larva no collision.
  16. It's question time! Some of these I probably have asked before, but I can't seem to the find the pages I asked them on. 1. Is there already a feature in the engine where a projectile can spawn a unit on impact? 2. Is there a way in the engine to spawn more then one unit when a building or another unit dies? At the moment I can only spawn a single unit on death. 3. Is there a way for a unit to deal damage on death? My current solution is to spawn an invisible unit with a damaging aura on death... but then there's no way to make the invisible unit with the aura disappear after X amount of time, not that I can figure out anyway. It's actually inspired by a unit of the same name from a game called Les Fourmis, or Empire of the Ants.
  17. All the Gohma units are all done! Check out all the details on them:
  18. I don't think i'm currently using spec maps, so I'd be fine with the trade off if I can have things glow in the dark.
  19. I've got a quick question, is there a shader in 0AD that allows parts of texture to glow in the dark? The eyes of the Gohma and their blue antenna would look really awesome with a glow effect.
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