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  1. I was wandering if there was a way that you could change your vote or atleast delete the one that is voted for me and heres why. My biology class went to the library today to do research but instead i was gazing through the forums. Now for some reason my friend thought it would be amusing to "rat me out". So as I was being yelled at for not doing the proper work, he thougt it would be even funnier to vote for me. So the vote for me should be changed to CODEOPTIMIST. unofficially i guess.
  2. I just picked up The Lost Road and Other Writings upon recomendation from Adam today. What I have read so far is really good.
  3. On my 7th or 8th birthday I was outside in my yard with my sister(were twins) and she was mad at me for something. I was next to the garage door and holding on to the handle when she hit the button to open the garage door. I was to dumb to let go and got pulled up with it. then i just let go and dropped to the ground and cracked my skull open. i dont remember this its just what i am told
  4. The first Matrix was awesome because the effects were all new to me and the division between plot and action scenes were perfectly balanced. Matrix reloaded was HORRIBLE becuase the fight scened dragged on tool long and the plot was rather predictable. Same goes for Revolutions except i did like the ending to this one as opposed to the 2nd one which was rather dry. I give revolutions a 4
  5. Middle- Earth online looks very promising.
  6. I did and personally I dodnt like it that much. What did you guys think of it(that is if you bought it)?
  7. 5 total 1.tv 2.vcr 3.dvd 4.receiver 5.car
  8. Just wandering how many of the almost 200 members are still reading here. So if you do then post something to let everyone know
  9. Well yes. Im in the process of debugging my rpg Return to Aldea. Should be done in a day ot two. And I noticed that you are from DGDN. I sent Cat an E mail with what i had finished with my rpg like 2 weeks ago and she said she would get back to me on that. Any thoughts on why she hasnt??
  10. I had one a while back that worked fine but now i noticed that it is a little x in a white box and when i try to reload an avatar it says i dont have permission to upload them on this server :-(
  11. hey quacker it is for aggressive skateing. personally, most skateboarders are retared in minnesota to all the rollerbladers i would post a pic of it but i dont know how to put one on a little help anyone
  12. I won 200$ gift certifacate to a skate company by winning a contest for best trick..Not that you will know what this means but the trick was a negative fishbrain tp top-soul to budget truespin unity
  13. Farmer Giles of Ham and Smith of Wooton Major for leisure The Bible too
  14. I came across it by the RAW Mod and just tokk off the .com/raw and got the main site and here i am
  15. alright Name :Sam Carlton Age :16 Location:Minnesota Interests:Desih\gning games for aok tc and rollerblading and making rollerblading videos
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