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  1. Fantastic work! I'd just like to mention some things that i really like about this update: I really like the change to having units on the walls becasue it makes defending a base much harder (instead of having 5 units garrisoned in a tower). Despite what other people say i think the rebalancing is a step in the right direcetion and though the formations were removed it is good as they were bugged in the first place. Cant wait to have them back in a more stable way. I cant really say much about the new graphics, as my computer gets a bit of lag and i disabled the graphics anyway lol. What i am most impressed with is the triggers. i love designing my own maps and i have been waiting for something like this for a long time. Great job!
  2. The point about female only citizens and historical realism needs to be adressed. I know friends who like the game but complain and are somewhat put of it by what they say is sexism, regardless of whether the creators made it with that intention. It seems the benefits can only be positive and i would advise against realism in this one case.
  3. I agree with everything you have stated above. This is a great game but these points should be taken into consideration. The thing i would like to see the most would be the reduction of sexism in citizens and soldiers. Clearly the post above had a huge amount of consideration and effort put into it and it deserves our respect and should be looked into.
  4. I am finding this game increasingly enjoyable as i play more, however i would like to be able to take screenshots closer to the soldiers, or very low to the ground. Are there any plans for increased camera movement or do i need to configure something? thanks.
  5. yea, i had some issues running in alpha 16, player 3 resigned and the roman base deteriorated, very good looking map though! congrats.
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