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  1. • Generic Name : Caetratus • Specific Name : Ezpatari the Class : Swordsman . The Armament : Falcata . The Appearance :  Garb : Linen Cuirass , the similarity between the Carthaginians and used by the Spartans ( Lusitanian armies that relied on bodies ) ; Gaiters ( ocreas ) leather or linen .  Shield : Round buckler ( caetra ) . Shield design Should be largely geometric or animal designs .  Helmet: montifortino with a mane on top , or with 3 horsehair or leather single hull ( Kudu / Galea ) helmet.  Figure ( s ) : - The History : " They have a small shield two feet in diameter , concave in front , and suspended from the shoulder by means of thongs ( for it has neither rings nor arm- handles) . Besides these shields They have a dirk -knife or the butcher's . Most of Them wear linen cuirasses ; a few wear chain- wrought cuirasses and helmets with three crests , but the rest wear helmets made ​​of sinews . The foot - soldiers wear greaves Also , and each soldier has several javelins ; Also and some make use of spears , and the spears have bronze heads . "- Strabon.
  2. The horse with 2 riders could be a unique avatar, so that when approaching a certain distance of the opponent, "would land" 2 infants, getting the avatar in the form of a "kneeling" riderless (naturally) horse. In summary, the avatar would function as a kind of boat.
  3. Some linguists have made a reconstruction of the old Galician-Lusitanian language based on proto-Celtic. I have an incipient knowledge of this reconstructed language. By the way, what are these words?
  4. It depends.... People in the Atlantic-western Iberia, spoke a Proto-Celtic language. The center of the peninsula, spoke Celtiberian. And the extreme east and southeast of the peninsula along the mediterranean spoke Iberian (non-Indo-European language). As the largest War before 0 A.D. were the "Lusitanian Wars", I suggest that the Proto-Celtic language.
  5. The Basques are a people united ancient Aquitaine (part of Gallic confederation of Vercingetorix), were never part in any war in ancient Iberia. It is an impropriety to adopt the Basque Iberian tribes.
  6. Oh sorry me, I do not I heed you meant the structure of the horse. Grateful for observation.
  7. This is not to disassemble, just create the Lusitanians faction, as was done in Celtic faction, when was created the Brythonic and Gaulish factions. In the case of the Lusitanians is even simpler, since the Iberian continue to exist. The Lusitanian Wars, was the greatest of wars against Rome occurred in Iberia, and the Lusitanian nation is a distinct completely the Iberians. As this is how the Greeks and Romans put themselves in the same faction.
  8. Just to illustrate how one could play, the combat mode of Lusitanian according to historical references:
  9. distribution of pre-Roman peoples coincide with current linguistic areas areas: From west to east: . 1 proto-Celtic people -> Portuguese-Galician and Astur-Leonese. . 2 Celtiberian People -> Spanish. . 3 Basque Tribes -.> Basconço. . 4 Iberians People -> Catalan and Aragonese.
  10. Grateful Lion.Kanzen! More some aspects: reconstitution of the vessel would have been used in the settlement of Kallaikia Ireland.
  11. The Lusitanians is a very interesting option, not only for its undeniable condition most important Iberian nation as the aesthetics. For exemple, the monument will be the Lusitanian warrior: : Castro:
  12. The Iberian faction is very well synthesized with several people who constituted the ancient Iberia . However , following a historical context , the great war that was fought in Iberia were the Lusitanian wars that made Rome tremble. These are the terms in which Strabo refers to the Lusitanians : " The most powerful of the Iberian nations , and among all , longer owned the Roman arms . " - Strabo . So that as with the subdivision of the former " Celtic " faction among : Gauls and Britons. I think it is more justified subdivision between Iberians and Lusitanians . "Those they call Lusitanians are the most valiant of all the Cimbri . " - Diode Siculus . Besides the historical context , reasons abound from the point of ethno - cultural perspective, the Atlantic - western , folk ( Lusitanians , Galaicos and Asturian ) , constituted a civilization itself , which many archaeologists designate " Castrexa " , framed as Proto -Celtic . His way of fighting were very different from Iberians . While the Iberians were generally more peaceful and non- waged guerrilla warfare , leaving siege by the enemy . The Lusitanian constituted mobile military units without the Romans podessem employ their siege tactics ( as they did in Gaul and against Numancia Celtiberian ) . More than that , the Romans persecuted the Lusitanians in surprise attacks and relentlessly . For a Lusitanian there was no greater glory than to die in combat . The Lusitanian weapons were also well above the Romans , so that the Romans tried to copy in vain , his arms the famous Glaudios Hipanienses , yet never managed to reach the Lusitanian excellence. even more terrible was the " Machaera Hispanienses " ( falcata ) : "They make weapons and darts in an admirable Manner ; bury They are plates of iron so long under ground , till the rust hath consumed The Weaker part , and so the rest passe more strong and firm Of this They make Their swords and other warlike . weapons , and with these arms , tempered Thus , They are cut through every thing in Their Way , that neither shield , helmet , nor bone can withstand them " . - Diodor Siculus . The Lusitanians fought on foot and horseback , was his peculiar way of fighting : 2 Lusitanian rode one horse, when confronted with enemies , jumped and fought on foot: " And because They are furnished with two swords , the horse , When They have routed the enemy , alight and join with the foot , and fight to admiration . " - Diode Siculus . The new faction , Lusitanians , could have such a differential in the game , a single horse , mounted with two jinetes , and once in combat units would drop 2 against the opponent .
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