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  1. @niektb I wasn't trying to be rude. Majorly sorry if it came off that way, and it works now thank you
  2. Updated and released Water Resource Up next is Blood Resource
  3. @niektb I need write access on the repositories i listed or i cant push to them.
  4. Kool thank you for giving me an idea @niektb Permissions still wont let me write. you have me as a member in the orgonization. thats why it probably didnt work. when i created them it was right after i made the orgonization Progress note. got water resources working now. but still need to test to see if it works in current version
  5. Hello and welcome. So i have come back from a long time away. and decided to update my mods. well the first one being updated is the Water resource mods. so I am here to politly ask if anyone would be willing to create 1) water 2) water_small I leave the look up to who ever chooses to pick up this task. Sincerly, Mute Day Lovestone, Council of Modders.
  6. to be honest with you. with 0ad i wouldnt even know where to start. but ill take a look and see if i can. but will have to wait till i update my mods
  7. Care to explain what exactly your looking for? And btw how would i go about giving a art task for the Resources icons for water?(been away way to long)
  8. Started to Update: 1) Water Resource (Version currently being tested)
  9. @niektb Do you mind adding me as able to commit to my repositories (i no longer have access to commit from being removed) Repositiories 1) train_animal 2) Construct_eyecandy 3) resource__water 4) ModdingToolkitSource 5) ModdingToolkit 6) Loot Blood Reward 7) Mutation Tech 8) Fantasy Mod Thank you in advance. And happy to announce i have already Started updating the mods.
  10. MuteLovestone is my username on github
  11. nice and lucky for me i decided to come back so ill try to work on some of the stuff I'm added to
  12. Not really sure as of yet what i will do after that
  13. Currently my list of updates in order 1) Blood Resource 2) Water Resource 3) Train Animals 4) Constructable Eyecandy 5) Mutation Technologies It will take me a few days to update them. and unfortunantly i will not be able to start till tomorrow
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