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  1. Here's a proposed list of units. Note that those are merely descriptions rather than definitive names:



    -Ashigaru Arquebuser ("musketeer")

    -Ashigaru Pikeman

    -Sensei (martial arts master)


    -Warrior Monk



    -Mounted Samurai

    -Mounted Pikeman


    -Male Peasant

    -Female Peasant

    -Ox cart

    -Shinto Priest

    Just some I thought of. I also think that the samurai would be the most powerful infantry unit in the game, so, not to give the Japanese too much vantage over other civilizations, the samurai would be very expensive and would have a limit of 10 trained by castle ( that is, 20 in totality, since there are both mounted and unmounted classes). This also agrees with the fact that, since the samurais were nobles, they would exist in much smaller number than other warriors. The ronin, in the other hand would have no limit and would be trained in the dojo. We need to figure out more hand-to-hand units.

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  2. I find this anti-towerism to be senseless. Towers would obviously be stronger and fire more arrows than units. To me, there is nothing unrealistic about towers in the game. I got two suggestions:

    -Storehouses should be built anywhere on the map

    -Walls could only be attacked by siege, after all, an army wouldn't take a massive stone wall down just by banging swords against it.

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  3. Thanks a lot. The fence is just like the dojo's, but I was lazy to draw the tiles :). No problem if the range can't be increased. It's great to know the CC will chane it's looks everytime an age is advanced, this would give the player the solid impression he's evolving in history. As for the castle, I think that at least for the Japanese, it would be avaliable earlier, since it acts mostly as barracks. Here's another angle of the new CC, just the main construction (perhaps we can shorten the passarel that links both buldings)


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  4. These towers are from an architectural style very different from that of the earlier Japanese. The most acurate representation of a tower we could give them would look a lot like an outpost, nothing really fancy. Here's a very quick sketch on the civic center, which I plan redoing, I think it represents the Japanese better than the other one I've done. The garden and the lake inside would be a very important part of it. What do you guys think?


  5. Standard tower on the left, updated version on the right. Changes:

    - Bigger shooting range

    - Shoots bullets instead of arrows. Bullets go further than arrows and take more hitpoints but are fired in a slower interval

    -Gets a nice plataform and a roof window.

    I think the castle should be updated in the same way, now using firearms, same texture changing and plataform and roof window additons.


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  6. For the roof, I think it should be unchangable. For example, more "refined" buildings as civ center, castle, nobles houses or temples would have the finest type of roof. Blacksmith, dojo and some others would be made of average tiles, whereas peasants' homes would have a roof covering. Talking about the blacksmith, here it is, and it looks like my scanner's back on track! The sign in front of the building should have the characters 鍛冶屋 ( kajiya), meaning blacksmith.

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