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  1. Я рад это Вам нравится!

    This sketch was somewhat tricky to conceptualize. Russian forts are generally small walled cities with a lot of churches inside, so in order to condense it all in just one building, I had to make some simplifications wich are not always accurate. I'll soon submit some more suggestion sketches for the church within the walls.

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  2. Almost two years after the original post, I've decided to come back with some sketches. Not that I hope they'll come to life soon, but I was bored and decided to draw something that could be helpfull some years later.

    The Fort:






    I originally intended the guard towers (except for the gate) to be round, but I was failing to drawing them round.

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  3. Is there any possibility that as the player advances in age the church may grow and changes its form (Age of Empires style)? Or perhaps it stays the same, but if the player wants to build a second church it will be bigger and in accordance of the architectural style of the age/stage it was built.

  4. As for the Saxon dock, I'd suggest shortening the wooden base a little, and adding two or three piers extending away from it. Some boats between piers wood look great as props :D.

  5. 23 hours ago, stanislas69 said:

    @Le Druide Gaulois What was that building supposed to be ?

    I read that Tang Dynasty used fortified temples.


    :jawdrop:thanks so much for modeling that concept of mine! You made it look increible! This was suposed to be the civ center for the Part-II (or even Renaissance) Japanese. I modeled it after some dojo structures.

  6. 8 hours ago, stanislas69 said:

    I think it would look weird having both. Plus I have got no idea on how to make a tile roof ^^/

    What do you call battlements ?



    Those are battlements, but of course they'd be made of wood, lol. Regarding the tile roof, our model of the temple already has the texture. I know I'm nit-picking, but I suggest that because those big buildings, at least in mainland Scandinavia had tile roofs, and I don't really think having different roofs for different buildings would look too contrasting. By the way, would it be undoable to have 4 instead of one longhouses inside the fort's wall?

  7. I like the fort so far, I'd just suggest adding battlements like in the photo updated by wackyserious. And by the way, I think more official buildings like the civ center,barracks, temple and fort, would look more apropriate with tile roof instead of hay.

  8. Yes, I also thought that later on when we have the game well developed we could split the Norse into some subfactions (like the Celts and the Greeks are divided in 0 AD), namely Danish and Norwegian (since Icelanders descend from Norwegian settlers they would be included in the same faction), and maybe Sweden (considering those have many traits in common with the future Rus state).

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