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  1. We considered adding Japan to the first half of 1000 AD, but we dropped the idea due to the fact the Japanese at the time would not represent the most famous, memorable time in their history (no samurais, no castles, etc). A Japanese faction in the timespan of 0AD would be totally unrecognizable to the public.

  2. I really like them so far, just a couple of notes: the roofs should advance a little more from the ends of the homes, and there's is a very definite line separating the upper and the lower sides of the houses. Also, that little board I've drawn above the doors would be for player color. By the way, putting a little storage thingy behind one of them would be a good idea. I'm being really confusing here, I hope the picture bellow illustrates it better:


  3. I say we experiment and try both wood (modifyed from the Norse, maybe) and timber frame, since they used both. From what I have seen, the Saxons seemed less architectually skilled than the Norse, so Saxon structures should look "lamer" and a little more primitive. Some constructions used boards, other simple logs. The pictures of West Stow on the first post show this diversity really well.

  4. Yeah, was some revealed some moths ago, but now with a official announcement.

    I wish more expansions than this, one with Mayans( pre columbian myths) or Romans ( mythology)

    Unfortunately, this one is featuring seemingly only the Chinese, I really wish the Indians and Mayas would join the fight.

    Funny how the chinese barracks look like the one from Rob Kimball's Han China mod.

    Actually all the barracks (all the buildings, to be precise), have the same template, the only things that change architectually. from civ to civ are the ornaments. I think buildings in Rise of the East look better, but I'm very excited to play this expansion (just think about a Chinese dragon unit!).

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