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  1. I'm working in the storehouse, but I'm afraid I'll have to abuse your workforce once again... I noticed I have made some really stupid mistakes when desiging the house set. I made all of them lacking windows and those small logs supporting the roof's façade. And with house 1 I made the mistake of placing the little storage thingy in the side it would be hidden from the player's normal playing angle. I'm posting an illustrative concept showing all the differences, so if you can change some props according to this I'd be veeery thankful :angel:


  2. Hey, folks, what Norse structures are still lacking? I can design concepts for the remaining of them or at least find references. By the way Stan, do you think the fort I've drawn is doable?

  3. Niek, I like this probability of specialization in the last phases. Perhaps this could be expanded to other civilizations as well, causing differentiation in many aspects including architecture (remember the architecture evolutions throughout Age of Empires stages?).

  4. By the way, something is baffling me: this Norse faction we are creating is meant to be a mix of all the North Germanic peoples or is it based on a specifc nationality like Danish? Because I have a feeling our Norse are getting more Danish than Norwegian or Swedish, at least when it comes to buildings. This is not necessarely bad or anything, I just want to know if our Norse would be a more broad generalization or specifc.

  5. I didn't quite like the retextured house from 0AD. I made some home concepts. Notice that all of them have a window above the door and a hole on the roof as a chimney.

    -1 and 2 are more urban types, the kind you would find in Danish or English towns.

    -3,4 and 6 are rural, typical to northern Norway. Those are basically a roof shoved to the ground, much shorter buildings than 1 and 2

    -5 is just a nobleman's longhouse


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  6. I feel most of the crew has lost the interest on the project or totally forgot about it. Two months without updates have passed, and current discussions revolve around minor details in RotE. It seemed that this promissing project was on its way to development. What do the leaders have to say about it?

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