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  1. wip of the building used as small warehouse, stable or smithy... I would like to make the role of some buildings dynamic. I would like to script the ability to change a warehouse to smithy and so on. Some part of the mesh will change too. for example the smithy I will add some tools, a furnace... I have a question, I don't know if the wall placement is scripted or coded, because I would like to use only small piece of wall (for several reasons). One reason is, I would like to snap some buildings to the wall like : it would be possible to script that ? (n.b. I can't start scripting/texturing
  2. I won't say I want a specific design, I wrote in the first post I will focused on england/france/germany(HRE). After that, my models are based on the ressources I have. I've grown in a part who belonged to the HRE. I visited and know the castles in my country more that the one in normandy or england (for example)... for example, I took maybe more than one thousand of pictures of castles and other medieval building the last ten days, almost all of them were built with red sandstone, I have a lot of pictures of walls like, (n.b. if anyone for any reason want to use this picture, feel free to us
  3. my fav : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/52/1388324070-barracks-variant3.png could yout tell me what software you are using for creating your textures ? you do a great job
  4. that's the difference between a simulation and a game. A game should (my opinion) always favoring the gameplay over realism.
  5. Actualy the Gravensteen looks like a "germanic" (by germanic I mean all people with a germanic culture, not people living in germany...) castle. the ones in my country are also germanic. I prefer to make an anti-symetric design : and it uses less tris... (not yet finished) I'm french, that's why I asked, for me "donjon" in english is "keep" but as you wrote "donjon" and "dungeon" are false friends... sometime I also heard "keep" in french translated to "la garde" (in english would means "the castle/keep/building/tower used to protect/hold a strategic point") but I'm convinced this is a mista
  6. I have decided to change the design of the keep. the first design looks like a norman keep. Most of people when they think about castle think about that kind of design. My country is full of castles built on the top of rocks in the mountains, their keeps never looks like the normans keeps. Morever for the game it's not important to have a keep with one or four towers... and it should have less tris. I don't have yet choose if i let the entrance at the tower or if I move it somewhere else. I will do both and ask you to say to me what is your favorite. (n.b. the word "keep" is a synonym of the
  7. wip of the keep : sadly it's around 5.7k tris already... and far to be finished...
  8. I'm using openscenegraph too. Saddly most of the documentation on the web are outdated, there is two books I have them at university. You have to use the mailling list to get some help. OSG is a 3D engine, so you can use shaders and write a program, but there is no tools for shaders dev (for what I know). OSG is used for virtual environment, not for games. The reason of why is not use in games isn't really clear for me, some peoples say scene graph is not good for games, but I read one time that was true ~20 years ago but not anymore today. If you are looking for a 3D engine which use a lot sh
  9. there is some software for shaders dev. Saddly (for me) most of them are written for windows... I read some time that RenderMonkey (ATI) is a very good software. I never used RenderMonkey, I don't know if it's still up to date or not, if it's good for opengl and/or directx... When I tried for myself to found a software, I found some other (on sourceforge iirc) who looked interesting but all for windows... So I'm writing my own application, it will never as good as RenderMonkey or such (so far).... but it will enough for my needs.
  10. ok. today, (after I have visited two castles and some chruches ), I have started modelling a church... between two sacking of castles... all good christians need to bless their trebuchets!...
  11. gate for a fortified town (not sure if I can use that one (maybe script issue) )
  12. (at right, the wall without any upgrade, at left the wall upgraded and in the center the upgraded wall tower)
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