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  1. Same here. And when I turn on Soft LOS ("myk LOS" in norwegian), the game crashes. SVN r15493 system_info.txt crashlog.txt
  2. So individual pathfinding request aren't dependent on each other? In that case the pathfinder is highly parallel. I thought this wasn't given, because of collision detection (ordered to enter the same spot at the same time).
  3. I know this, but the algorithm needs to be parallel if you want to make the pathfinder exploit TLP some point in the future.
  4. If any of you plan on developing a new pathfinder, I hope you use choose an algorithm that can take advantage of thread level parallelism(TLP). Because the current push to lighter, thinner and more energy efficient devices many consumer CPUs have taken a step back in instruction level parallelism (ILP) (tablet cpus, intel atom, amd jaguar and beema). The possibility of TLP in the algorithm is therefore crucial imo.
  5. I was under the impression that the money (including mine) was first and foremost going towards paying Jorma (redfox) to increase game performance. It seems to me like this is a pet project for a selected few who drove out the person we paid you (the dev team) to hire.
  6. Graphs in the summary screen, like StarCraft 2. Resources gathered per minute and army size.
  7. The development pace has been quite remarcable the last week, but I fear it will slow down in the coming weeks when school/work starts. It shouldn't be a problem to have a lot of volunteer activity while a freelance programmer works on short/long pathfinder rewrite or JS to C++ rewrite. I beleive a more playable game is best way to create a larger community.
  8. That's too bad. I was looking forward to an accelerated development progress this spring. I hope redfox returns as volunteer at least, despite the disagreement.
  9. Anything new regarding paid development? I fully understand that you are not ready for any announcement yet, but are you in talks with any developers? When can we expect news on this subject?
  10. Very sad news, I thought you were part of the crowdfunding deal. You were a breath of fresh air in some very important developer discussions.
  11. Hi, I thought the indiegogo donations was going towards paid development, but I haven't heard any news since then. Whats happening with our donations?
  12. Whats happening with the paid development? I really miss these weekly updates.
  13. How much faster do you think/guess the alpha 15 is going to be?
  14. Is redfox's megapatch going to be implemented in a15?
  15. Pretty optimistic to believe that the <3GHz pentium 4 or <<2.6 GHz Athlon 64 cpu that goes with those cards will be able to run the game logic. A used openGL >>2.0 AGP/PCI-express card is practically free today.
  16. The roads doesn't need to reach further than your innermost part of your settlement. Or, alternatively: roads are not visible to an enemy.
  17. Of course work has to be done, but it is not impossible. And I'm only talking about ground textures here. Is 0 A.D. closed for suggestions? I was just airing my idea, well knowing the programmers are swamped. And maybe, if the idea catches on, someone will take it upon them selves to implement it. Lets not discuss the probability of it being implemented.
  18. The roads should adapt when new buildings are palced. Why is this an issue? (Coincide is not in my vocabulary)
  19. Hi, wouldn't automatic flagstone paving between buildings make screenshots and videos of the game much more appealing? The script could make marked squares or roads based on building placement. Paving is often used in staged AoE and 0 A.D screenshots.
  20. Hi! When I click a units head or upper torso, it gets selected. But if I drag and select his upper torso, it does not get selected. Is this done on purpuse? Or is selection still WIP? If not, then I would suggest that drag selecting any part of a unit should make it selected.
  21. I'm referring to the opengl version. The performance gains mahdi posted is Incredible. More than 3x. If the single threaded cpu performance requirements is very low, systems with intel atom and amd bobcat cpus will be able to run this game. And AMD and Intel has sold millions upon millions of these systems the last few years (the bobcat APUs have quite a potent GPU). These systems make up a large portion of the market. And with the trend of slimmer and slimmer laptops and tablets, one thing is sure, single threaded cpu performance is not going up by a lot. In contrast to GPU performance which scales well with smaller production nodes. I think compatibility with these systems is more important than compatibility with ancient desktop system (which are the only systems compatibility you are breaking). Maybe it isn't as black and white as I describe it, but 3x cpu performance gain is worth looking into. In short: I believe the group of users and future useres with a quite modern GPU and a cpu with poor single threaded performance is much larger than the group who have a fast cpu with an ancient GPU. High cpu requirements is not the way to go.
  22. Nice work redfox! This is how to get breakthrough performance: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=16765entry256258
  23. Of course. I have gotten the impression that the deveolpers sometimes had to choose between compatibility vs performance. If this is not the case, then disregard this thread. (The API change in the example I listed resulted in less GPU time per frame)
  24. Doesn't this require a lot of work? Like moving to c++11, doesn't a large part of the code need to be altered or rewritten before the performance delta can be known?
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