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  1. I was not implying that compatibility is the main performance hog, I was only giving my opinion in the compatibility discussion. The developer in the example I listed was amazed by the performance improvement and memory footprint reduction. It might be difficult to predict if a new api/standard will enhance or decrease performance, but I think the game will benefit if the developers are a little more cold hearted when it comes to compability with old hardware. This is just my 2 cents, and again, I'm no software/game developer. I'm just concerned about the AMD Bobcats and Intel Atoms out there.
  2. Hi! I found it quite interesting to read the technical discussion and progress reports on this forum. I think it is incredible what you all have accomplished. It seems like backwards compatibility is an important goal. I believe performance is the best way to ensure broad compatibility. I am by no means an expert in this field, but it sometimes comes down to backwards compatibility vs performance. When opting for backwards compability over performance, you are making it unplayable on many systems. Systems with low (single) threaded cpu performance like : AMD bobcat, Jaguar and K8. And systems with low GPU performance like intel (GMA) HD4500, HD2000+ and other low end graphics cards. The developer behind Banished saw a 25+% fps boost in a scene when he changed the api from DirectX 9.0c to 11 on his nvidia 610m based laptop. I understand that newer standards doesn't always mean better performance, but as I mentioned before, good performance is the best way to ensure as many as possible is able to play your fantastic game. -Norvegia
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