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  1. thanks for the reply! i still can use formations, thou by default the formations are set for the unorganized (scattered i think) mode. BTW I love the new capture mode!
  2. Arch repos just got updated. It's looking good. I did a litle testing and still have lot problems with formations and movements. Units get stuck in buildings or get undecided. in formations units try to occupy the same place, to the point of having 60 units in the place intended to one. this makes the game lag big time, and units being uncontrollable. I was hoping that with the new pathfinder this issues were solved. 8/
  3. is this to be intruduced in beta 19? or is it in beta 18-8 (build 16411p)?
  4. what 1.1k light infantary looks like? lol
  5. done that yesterday! plus http://www.linuxgameawards.org/
  6. then it should be 2 alpha releases, one for Christmas and one for my bday on day 1!
  7. is it me or last day update just fixed some lag?
  8. Used the shift+F11 feature to create a log (profile) and attached it so it can be of use profile.txt
  9. i think it's one of the "old" maps... Cantabrian Highlands... thou i was playing in giant size and with 1 AI
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