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  1. I can compile. But not for macOSX (seems to be impossible to compile for, for every OSS project I know, the libs are always changing)
  2. Options to change starting money would be good to. If you put build limits, option to change those too. It's easy to edit the files were these things are actually set, new players won't know where to edit though.
  3. How about the bug that your darned game can't cope with differences in the binary that is being run, where they are only a week apart, and all the DATA is exactly the same.
  4. k776: you don't like that I make modifications to your game. I can see that. I am _VERY_ glad that this causes you distress. I will continue to do whatever I want with YOUR game.I don't respect your "right" to "artistic integrity" of your work. I don't respect that at all. I gladly deface it and make my own thing of it.
  5. If you want cities code the walls, or get someone to do it
  6. A year ago a wall building system and working gates was "soon" and "very soon" It is now a year later. Why bother trying to build a fortress
  7. I only modified the DATA, not the game code. And we both had the same data. It should work, it doesn't, it is your fault that linux-svn doesn't work with mac-OSX multiplayer. Is this 1993, because it feels that that's the lever of multiplayer development you're capable of (has to be all the same everything, same binaries, no 2 versions, no matter how SLIGHTLY different in release time (Alpha 9 vs a few weeks later, but ALL the SAME DATA, can't work together because everything is shunted over via binary protocals with no pack/unpack)
  8. Your game is worthless then. The data is all the same, the data dirs were copied over, it should work. The fact that you need identical binaries is pitiful design. Games like xonotic (a quake based game) don't need that sort-of-@#$%. If you have different versions the server sends you client-side-quake-c code to run and everything works fine. Actually the server does this the first time you connect to it, it's about a few K download, and everything works. And I'm going to continue making modifications as I wish, Your game, vanilla, is VERY boring. And I am going to continue to file bug reports weather you like it or not, do you understand that, boy? I copied over my entire data dir, we had the same maps and the same templates. Only the other stuff was different (engine). Yet it still de-coupled on connect. This is because your design is a bad design. If we have the same data we should certainly beable to play the game.
  9. Maybe when it doesn't take 15 min to place a wall together correctly, ok? Untill then I will NEVER grace you with my architectual plans.
  10. A year ago a wall building system and working gates was "soon" and "very soon" It is now a year later.
  11. Anyone know how to get a .dae import/exporter for blender 2.61? It seems to be GONE!
  12. Yes, QBot is VERY difficult for _BEGINNERS_: Example: I BEGIN the game with a qbot ai and the game IMMEDIATLY stalls/freezes. It is thus VERY hard to BEGIN!
  13. Any way to hex edit a save file to give opponent lots of money? I want the persians to spring back from defeat? I'm the romans (player 2, red ofcourse!). I have an AI player as player 1. I think he's out of money though, is there any way I can hexedit the savegame to give him lots o money food stone wood?
  14. Multi-player game de-couples immediatly: My friend downloaded the newest MacOSX 64 bit version, i have the svn version, 64 bit compiled. I copied over my data dir to his so we have the same stuff. We started a random map. IMMEDIATLY it gave the de-couple warning. We eventually couldnt see what buildings each other built Had the same problems a year ago. Why? Can't this be fixed? This makes it so we never can play lan games, he wasn't happy w the game bc of this and I looked like a retard @#$% idiot. I thought this problem would be fixed by now. Also could you include a macOSx compiled binary in svn like you do for windows, if possible
  15. Hundreads of persians died, including many young girls, with the kohl around their eyes, and maybe married.... But they survived, even thought the greeks had advanced automatic archers and siege engines. Such is the way of the east... Hmm I can't upload, here. http://ompldr.org/vZ...eenshot0024.png http://ompldr.org/vZ...eenshot0025.png http://ompldr.org/vZ...eenshot0031.png
  16. Thanks, Try it out and tell me how you like it (get the latest version, last post above you). It's, in the zip, split into 2 parts (the readme says): 0ad subdir which is harmless and just has the rand maps and stuff for that. then there are the other dirs art simulation etc etc those are the mod and go 0ad/binaries/data/mods/public/ Worked on the AI etc. http://ompldr.org/vZ...tifiedfiles.zip Screenshots de celt forest healer and the enchanted trees he's planted. Thoughts? Bears motifiedfiles.zip
  17. When you select a building and then go to create units, when you press shift and hover your mouse over the button for the unit to be created by the WILL of the game!!!!1111 This error appears!: WARNING: JavaScript warning: gui/session/selection.js line 390 reference to undefined property this.groups[groupName] ERROR: JavaScript error: gui/session/selection.js line 390 TypeError: this.groups[groupName] is undefined ((void 0),[object Array])@gui/session/selection.js:390 performGroup("add",(void 0))@gui/session/input.js:1324 handleInputAfterGui([object Object])@gui/session/input.js:811 Another error that messes up the game: hover over a unit-creation button. Press shift, while doing this, press f2
  18. http://www.moddb.com/mods/rote/downloads/infantry-release Is this the only DL? (2 yrs old?) Anything newer w/ the buildings and the foliage and everything?
  19. So just because they discussed things that this admin doesn't like, because he disagrees with the opinions of the players, they should be punished? I'm supprised that none have come and beaten the admin down for unplugging the ethernet. He needs to be shown ideas...
  20. Roman solider were good builders. It does not make sence that it takes more in wood to build this than it takes in stone to build a castle. In life it takes MUCH more in stone (volume) to build a castle than it does to build a wooden fort structure. Could you shorten the building time or something? Otherwise I'm going to have to touch those files in my mod, and I'd rather keep that to a minimum.
  21. It doesn't make sense. At all. Why does a WOODEN fort cost more than a CASTLE???? Also why don't I just build a municipum and a castle? I can get right up to the line, build a municipum, then my line is extended, and I put a castle in their territory.
  22. ERROR: JavaScript error: maps/random/rmgen/tileclass.js line 88 TypeError: this.inclusionCount[x] is undefined (NaN,NaN)@maps/random/rmgen/tileclass.js:88 addToClass(NaN,NaN,0)@maps/random/rmgen/library.js:502 @maps/random/gulf_of_bothnia.js:144 ERROR: CMapGeneratorWorker::Run: Failed to load RMS 'maps/random/gulf_of_bothnia.js'
  23. All terrain is black now. I wish i didn't update to latest svn, I really wish You see the terrain for a SPLIT second when the map loads, then it's all black. Water can be seen. At revision 11374. here
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