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  1. sorry to dissapoint you http://www.wildfireg...showtopic=15502 last post
  2. I experience the same lag and I get it rather early in a 3vs1.against the time I killed the first two the lag is too extreme. I hope this is going to improve because my pc is still able to handle all modern games coming out, I don't see why it would be impossible with 0ad
  3. the game will change drastically with the introduction af aging/technology/walling system allowing you to more easily counter a rushing computer (walls/archers). I think it's to early to tweak difficulty before those changes are in the game. If you however need some advice/help, read my two strategies I posted on this forum "a noobs guide at beating...". It'll give you some ideas. Generally if a game is getting really long I recomend having a lot of hero units from a fort and building a lot of barracks. just set waypoint on enemy and start spamming. you'll usually win if you send some more sie
  4. darn I'm going to play romans. That looks awesome
  5. No, I would really hate seeing my units randomly popping out of buildings. The only way to win battles is with more units, not a few fully healed units. I vote for letting citizen-soldiers go to the nearest building but not enter. That way they defend the female citizens who are trying to get to the nearest buildings and when they reach it they are ready to fight.
  6. I don't really like infinite resources. In aoe3 you have those games where the enemy makes 4 walls, creates 2 forts and relies on his wood income (the only non-infinite resource through his 2 shipped factorys). Those games are definetly not my cup of tea and can take up to over 3 hours. he simply creates a lot of cannons and puts some ranged units behind his walls only to see your units beeing crushed on his defence. He has no reason whatsoever to attack you and keeps working on his economy. There should be a reason to expand and to come out your own little base. These games are much more inte
  7. I was assuming that because this is were most potential players are at. if you release a game for the really high end devices nearly noone will be able to play it (but after some time it'll get better) I think you could start by installing debian on virtualbox and limiting that virtual machine's ram to the devices ram and do the same with your cpu. This won't cover for the most important part though, the gpu yet I think it'll give you an idea.
  8. well, we could make this optional. There will always be players who are in it for the fun and want eye-candy. They'll enjoy this a lot. The more competetive players will have an option to turn it of. Would it really interfere with the gameplay that much? units will indeed be harded to spot but you have still your minimap/hotkeys where I am relying on anyway.
  9. I never suggested someone should port it to android... I was against it and you were a supporter of that idea I was only pointing out that we should see if it will be able to run it fluently. and while performance on android is going up it is still low. This was the only point I made... So, have you actually checked if it's possible to do this on the galaxy nexus?
  10. I didn't post anything because arguing with you is extremely pointless. Android is an operating system exclusively used on tablets and phones. The phones have generally a 1 ghz processor and around 512mb ram. The tablets are a bit better but don't expect much. If you were trying to port the game to the android platform yet targetting desktop users then I supose it could work but your audience would be extremely limited. If you disagree then please explain what you are really trying to target with a port to the android platform instead of beeing useless -.- Thank you...
  11. The reason I proposed a building is because I hate having to explore the whole map just for that one unit. If you however made it visible for all players on the map it would be even better. These gameplay types would indeed be great for multiplayers as in other rts's I'm getting bored at the usual rush/attack/(win or lose)
  12. I like regicide a lot because it could make for some great gameplay. But then again, where is the fun in having to find 1 player on a whole large map? nearly impossible. I would replace the unit with a building you start with. Wonders would not really be very useful because by the time you can afford it I don't think you want to wait another 25 minutes, the time could be way shorter with the health of the building also way lower. The relics idea doesn't really seem to fit in the time/game and hardcore mode could be a bit chaotic. Nice thinking though
  13. it is indeed irrelevant to know if the devices your trying to port a game to are capable of running the game. you're a really strange guy.
  14. great, the ai gets rather slow when you're playing on a 4 player ffa. I really miss the techno and aging systems at this point but I'm assuming those will be a lot of work. Is there somewhere documentation on how to create your own random maps? (I hate javascript and would prefer it done in another language, is this possible/smart?)
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