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  1. First happens at around 41', please watch until 46' Also this game is a testament of macedonian weakness to rams as they have no decent hack unit, except Demetrios. 2018-09-01_0001.7z
  2. When they are under his range augmenting aura, they seem to be getting the range bonus, however when set to fire on a building, they reach it and then go in a cycle of pack/unpack without ever firing, unless moved a bit forward
  3. It is imperative to have detailed information somewhere, for example unless you play celtic civs there is nowhere to be found that storehouse and granary offer 2 pop room each, or that spartans have -10% total pop.
  4. Hello, I received a replay, unzipped it in \Documents\My Games\0ad\replays\0.0.23 in its own folder 2018-09-01_0008, doesn't show up. Mine goes up to _0003, so I changed the number to _0004 but it still won't show up, I have restarted both game and refreshed cache.
  5. @ffffffff I cannot install it, I've tried right click open as but it doesn't show up in mod list, also tried Documents\My Games\0ad\mods\mod\fgodmod-master as a folder, doesn't work either. Any other ways to make it work?
  6. Play Rome Total war and add some mods to it, google twcenter, it becomes a much deeper game with huge replayability. Even if you try the other games, still add mods, they make the game so much better.
  7. Hello everyone, I've been watching this for about a year and tried one of the alpha versions, I have to say I'm really looking forward to this. A correction should be made hence the account creation: on the sacrificing pillar it speaks of Ionian colonies and the Spartans were Dorian, it's a completely wrong inscription that would not be found in Sparta.
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