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  1. Will intel hd 3000 graphics be sufficient to run all the post-processing effects ?
  2. I think it is better to have A.I that cheats rather than an A.I which is unable to provide a challenge . I would also recommend the A.I be allowed to use cheat codes in-order to generate resources or troops when it is besieged this will make it even more challenging . This could be a stop gap measure till the 0ad team implements a stronger A.I .
  3. I play tested qbot on several maps . here are my findings . 1. The game slows down to a crawl on every map around the 35 minutes mark . If you weaken qbot by killing many of its soldiers the game jumps to double or triple speed and remains so for about 2 to 3 minutes . Then it slows down to normal speed . I guess qbot has something to do with it . 2. Qbot only attacks when you have very few units around your civilization center the moment you have 25 plus units qbot stops attacking . Qbot does however attack at least once every game . 3. Qbot does not defend building or even civilization centers from being attacked by catapults . I destroyed qbot's civilization center while nearly 50 of qbots citizen soldiers were just standing around their civilization center .
  4. I played Alpha 8 in oasis 2 alpha 8 for 50 minutes and the same issue propped up . Qbot was great for the first 35 minutes but the moment I constricted Qbot's territory Qbot fell apart . It ran out of resources and stopped producing units that could defend its position . As a result 6 war elephants was all that it took to destroy Qbot . Apart from that Qbot is a large improvement over Jubot from alpha 7 .
  5. I don't think you should change it from non uniform cost to uniform cost . The change will decrease time complexity but the path generated will be of poor quality . Instead of changing the algorithm why not just change the heuristic function . A* efficiency depends on the heuristic function . Optimize it and automatically efficiency will improve . Any change from non uniform cost to uniform cost would be a move backwards not forwards . I have an Idea why not implement it as a bidirectional A* with one half moving from goal state to some mid state and the other moving from initial state to the middle state . You could split the path into a number of small sections this way , with each processor core performing part of the task etc .
  6. While defense is impressive the defeat was largely due to a flawed strategy . You can defeat qbot with half the no of units Simpley don't attack structures directly instead just use siege weapons to take down one tower at a time systematically and eventually the main civ center . What you did was to throw a huge number of units at qbot's main civ center . You went deep into its territory without destroying most of the towers hence the defeat .
  7. Think of the attack army as reinforcements to protect your base . In fact this could be very useful to have some troops at your base while you concentrate on the economy . jubot could send some extra troops if it had any to spare .
  8. Ok can anyone verify this error . During the short period when a unit is being promoted with the unit promotion animation the unit is invulnerable to attack by any other unit . ie when arrow strikes it or a sword or even a direct hit from a catapult does not harm while the unit upgrade animation is being displayed .
  9. So can any one tell me which parts of the documentation is up to date as of today . posting links to it would be even better .
  10. Yes there are plans but as far as I can see in the timeline and road map that its is not planned for alpha 8 . There is a ticket on creating a built in multiplayer interface . So it will get implemented someday . Its only a matter of Time . But how much time is another question altogether ?
  11. Yes that's great new that some of the bipedal units will still be able to destroy buildings . So now that gives me two options capture or destroy . Two strategy's . That is wonderful .
  12. Well all I can say its very confusing ????????????. If I want can I destroy enemy building's apart from Special Buildings (theatron, tacara, etc.) ? Or I can only capture them . Destroying buildings is fun please please don't remove that PLEASE . PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP PLEASE . Please create options that with bipedal units you can both capture or destroy . like a button destroy building or capture . I like destroying buildings . Capturing is good but destruction is the best . Dont make capture the only option with bipedal units . Give an option capture or destroy please .
  13. God speed and hope you can complete this work and hopefully more in about a month . Best of luck .
  14. I think what you are trying to say here is whether you should simply move your artwork from a closed forum to an open forum , so that people can comment on it , critic it , give you suggestions on improvement and you hope that some one may want to contribute artwork as well . Good Idea but there are some points to consider before going down this route . 1. Comment Management : - How would you separate useful comments from the peanut gallery one's . Note that art is much more subjective than code . One man's masterpiece is another man's trash . So expect a diverse range of views on art work especially coming from a diverse set of people both artists , non - artists , coders , developers , historians , peanut gallery people etc (you have a very wide diaspora in 0ad forums ) . Separating the useful comments from the rest so that artist don't have to deal with a deluge of comments is essential . 2 . 0ad artwork is special :- You emphasize a certain historical accuracy to your work but many people just don't know that much history . So commenting is difficult as one is most likely get more influenced on what they see about the period of history from T.V or movies or read in novels rather than the facts resulting in comments which are as useful as spam . So you must impress upon the forum members the various historical constraint's on each artwork before beginning the discussion about the artwork in question . ( I mean show them the historical references you are using to make the artwork like painting's , sculptures , historical account's etc ) there are many other issue's don't have time to list them all . I still think you should follow my previous suggestion of putting only a small subset of the art out on the forums and see whether it is helpful or not . Then decide on the rest . Hope these comments help your development team take a judicious decision on the mater .
  15. I am just saying take a small amount of art work and open It up . Which part you want to open up is your choice . Preferably open that part on which least amount work has been done . See how many contributions pour in . Decide whether it is worthwhile to open up the rest of your art .
  16. Art is something very different from code . The licence is different and there are a whole host of other issues . So I have an Idea make all art relating to the roman civilization available . See if there are quite a few contributions or are just people commenting on the art . After that take a decision whether to open the rest of the stuff up . This way if the exercise does not generate the desired result then you don't waste time and energy opening the entire artwork .
  17. 0AD is very playable in multiplayer . The AI is pretty easy to beat and as of alpha 7 the AI does not understand the concept of territory very well so if you want to play go multiplayer . I personally think that there will at least be around 6 to 7 more alphas before there is a beta as things like technology , research , diplomacy , good AI , Romans and Persians , Naval warfare (realistic ) , seasons , trading etc the list is pretty large so you can see why there wont be a beta for quite some time yet .
  18. I know this Idea is a bit premature but with the rise of touch computing maybe some us should start to think how to port 0 AD to tablets and phones . IMAGINE :- playing 0ad on Iphone 4S with siri as your intelligent battle adviser and voice controls to control the game along with touch based controls as well .
  19. Seeing quite a bit of documentation work being done in the timeline . Keep up the good work . God Speed .
  20. Simple to decide which AI is the best . Have an AI tournament . qbot vs JuBot , Jubot vs SplitBot . The winner of the two battles takes on each other in the final round to determine the winner . Run this on all the maps about a dozen time and calculate statistically who wins most of the time . But on a more serious note I think all AI developers should work together to incorporate best elements of there designs to create a good working AI for the game rather than competing with one another . Although friendly competition is always beneficial still the game at this point of time lack a good AI and the sooner it gets implemented the better it is for the game . After that happens I see no harm in having multiple AI implementations or experimenting with the AI as long as there is a basic stable working computer opponent to play against . ( Frankly I don't know much about AI development so I hope haven't offended any of the AI developers in this post but just in case I apologies in advance )
  21. I completely agree with you but at-least we should have a list of which part of the source does what work and is in which folder . Once such a list is created we can do a simple text search even browser these days have such facilities (either inbuilt or with add on's or extensions etc)
  22. thanks . But I have another request a searchable list of which folder or file contains what type of data , info etc . This would be really helpful otherwise as of now people just ask about in the forums or quake-net where can i find this or that etc . Example suppose i want to stop lions from attacking buildings so i need lion unit xml file so where is it ? Search in search box and wala here it is .
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