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  1. That's been fixed. I forgot to assign one of the vertices to a group (never trust bone envelopes!). @Shield Bearer (and anyone else modeling animals): Could you try to make sure the joints can rotate well without getting distorted? In Blender, if you set the pivot center to the cursor and move the cursor to the joint, you can test the rotation pretty well around it.
  2. Definitely not true. Currently, if you play with AI, it will cause lag. If the lag isn't bad from the beginning of the game, it'll only get worse as the game progresses, since the AI is trying to control more and more of the units it's created.
  3. You could read through this topic to see some of the things he wants to have for some maps he's made recently: http://www.wildfireg...opic=15562&st=0 *hopes that artist hasn't gone and left the forum*
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pavo_cristatus_-Tierpark_Hagenbeck,_Hamburg,_Germany_-female-8a_(1).jpg Peahen!
  5. If you're saying you think some of the 3ds Max animations might be messed up, I haven't seen any that are (though some attack animations look slightly strange)... but d'you actually know of what might be causing it in the game? ~Zaggy1024
  6. I don't have the latest revision, but I do have the latest autobuild (I decided to use the dev build ppa). If you mean that you made Collada files and put them in the game, it might be preferable for me to have the actual blends for the animations, since it takes a lot of tweaking of that and the game files to get it working in the game. I know about that file, since I had to play around with it a bunch to get the lion in the game. Edit: When I exported a third idle animation for the lion, it showed up in the game with the head and body spinning in a circle every few seconds (seemingly when one of the bones crosses the Y axis, negative or positive), so something'll have to be done about that... and since I don't know C++, I'll leave it to someone who does to try and fix it. Here is the set of animations I had done yesterday, which includes at least two broken animations (since then, I've animated two or three more, all of which didn't import into the game correctly...). ~Zaggy1024
  7. Yesterday, I managed to export your lion blend to the game (after a few hours of bug-fixing). I think I have it all figured out (assuming the rig doesn't already exist for an animal, in which case it might be necessary to re-rig it), so I might write a tutorial for exporting (once I've checked that the method works most or all the time...). ~Zaggy1024
  8. I managed to import an idle animation for the deer into Blender and then export a modified version into the game, although it was messed up extremely because Blender imported the armature at least 10 times the size. It may not look too great, but at least it got into Atlas. =P ~Zaggy1024
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