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  1. That's literally one of my next plans, I just can't work out how to get the bot to find or calculate pop limit yet...
  2. @trajan: Yep: building space is THE biggie to fix now. That and getting naval stuff sorted, but I'd quite like to wait until loading/offloading troops with ships has been fixed prior to doing that. @Mythos: All comments somewhere in planning stages, some will be harder to get done than others. It's changing the way buildings are put down that'll be the really tough one I think.
  3. Yeah, I know, just haven't gotten round to fixing that since it doesn't cause any actual issues running the AI and designing a 3-pronged attack strategy sounded much more fun. I'll fix it soon.
  4. Thanks! Pureon and Mythos: since I should be getting SVN commit access soon, I'll wait until I do and put it up that way.
  5. I'd argue that most games manage to deal with multiple fansites; the majority of games I can think of have at least two or three plus official forums. Besides which Exilian already has a significant community of its own, so we have a basic band of players & enthusiasts anyway. Finally I'd note that many mods have subsections on different sites; my Warhammer: Total War mod has at least three subforums around the interwebs (dev forum Exilian, TWC, and TW.Org).
  6. This is just to let those of you who hadn't found out yet know that my site, Exilian, has a little 0AD section which is likely to expand in the near future. http://exilian.co.uk/forum/index.php We're a site with a good 3 year history of supporting modders for a variety of games, and we're particularly interested to hear of any modification projects or map-makers who'd like hosting. Other features of the site include a "citizen" rank for regular contributors and posters which allows you a say in the running of the site by electing some of the staff members, vibrant and extremely random offtopic areas, and an already fairly active 0AD community as most of our staff and current users have alpha 4. We're also having discussions in Exilian staff about how we can better interact productively with other fansites as well, so if you're a staffer on one do get in touch; inter-forum competitions have worked well on some other games in the past, and the possibility of a shared modding file repository would also be a good idea for discussion. Thanks, all!
  7. Dunno what interest there still is on this, but my website's looking into hosting 0AD mods at the moment as well as our current M&B and RTW communities.
  8. Gauls are already included as part of Celts. The Iberians are coming in the next Alpha. The Samnite & Etruscans had been wiped by Rome by this stage. So most of those are dealt with somehow.
  9. It'd be really helpful, particularly for me in AI testing, to have a timeline at the end of the game showing things like unit count at different times, building count, resource count, etc. Would that be possible?
  10. Ok, I don't think I can commit to the SVN but I'll upload it on Exilian later.
  11. Would any of you Devs like the new version to play with?
  12. Actually really clumped forests tend to be OK with pathfinding in my experience; it's mostly clumped ones with a few missing trees that cause issues (take a look at the palms just southwest of the southern ford on Hellenised Egypt as the ultimate example, not even joking when I say armies have been defeated and crushed due to those trees).
  13. The angle issue shouldn't be hard to fix, the code seems to be intended to randomise the angle but evidently doesn't... As to bruno's list, the resource collection is still an issue but I've theoretcially fixed all the deadlock issues with workarounds for now.
  14. I noticed it getting rinsed rather, yeah. We'll have to talk closer to the time on its inclusion and whether you want me to be able to add it to the SVN version or not and so on. In other news, I'm working on a nassssty new military base strategy for the AI to use (the current ones are "full assault" of about 30 guys, a cavalry-only raid, and a generic infantry attack which is pretty useless but annoying).
  15. Future RMSes really need more metal, my AIs keep ending up in an almost unwinnable slogging match based around throwing lots and lots of javelinists at one another. Also, low metal really badly hits the Iberians at the moment as they need it to train some fairly basic troops. I'm having good fun with 'em other than that, Latium is particularly fun.
  16. Iberians now have a full unit training list and building list. Not that it did them much good in their test against a celtic JuBot; they got very severely mauled despite early successes raiding my little Hellenic base.
  17. Okay, back at last; time to get on with the rest of the Iberians methinks.
  18. Iberians now partially supported; only their basic cav, inf, and wimmenz are trained thus far though.
  19. Attempt 1 at the SVN install... Error: REPORT of '/public/!svn/vcc/default': Compressed response was truncated (http://svn.wildfiregames.com) This after 227.91 mb of data was DL'd, taking several hours. Grrr!
  20. I'd vote Ebro, as it was so important in Iberian history of the period.
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