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  1. Agree with ya there ... keep the camera at a good distance, showing off huge arrays of buildings and massive land fights ... that's more suitable for a strategy game like 0 AD
  2. The game engine is being optimized with every alpha update. It's a known issue that once there are many players/buildings the game lags, but expect the performance to be enhanced in future releases. (btw tone down your use of 'lag', you use it way too often in the wrong ways)
  3. Only the background image moves, it's supposed to look cool
  4. Totally agree. Rather get the money by generous people making donations. This is an open source game, not an ad-supported game.
  5. Yay! Gotta brush-up on my skills so qBot doesn't embarrass me
  6. Another good option is the Alien Arena dev, 'Irritant' ... that game has been around since 2004 and is already in version 7.
  7. I'm currently running 0 A.D. on 64 bit Windows, and I get a slight bit of lag. Perhaps a 64 bit build might be worth it
  8. I run the Alpha VII on Windows with a bit of lag (single player mode). I have a NviDia GeForce GT320. I assume that it would run slightly worse on Linux, but then again I've only ever run Linux through a virtual machine, so ...
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