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  1. Yes. No problem. I can do it. If I may ask, each one will play with different civilization, right? Can one of you use romans? I'm having problem to use it, maybe it's a bug, but I'm not able to choose romans here and I'd like to have some images of this civ.
  2. Got it! Having this option in game will help me. Thank you!
  3. Thank you, quantumstate. Indeed, recordmydesktop is very good. It still lags, but comparing to CamStudio, it's better (at least in my computer). I'm going to use it for my next video. shnbmwn and Mythos_Ruler, I'll take your suggestions. It was fun doing that kind of cinematic angles, (maybe I keep a few), but I'll emphasize the RTS. I'll try to make a good war. By the way, If somebody have a game saved, or a scenario (from the game) with a nice war running, is it possible to send me that saved game? I'm actually using Scenario Editor for creating the battles I want, but would be nice to have some gameplay of the standard scenarios of the game (it would take too long for me 'playing' those scenarios and record it). Anyway, thanks for pointing that and I'll focus RTS next video. Pedro Falc√£o, I agree with you, about the water. Some of my footage were recorded directly in Scenario Editor (because of "slow" feature, idk if there is such thing ingame and I don't know how enable those water effects in Scenario Editor). About the slogan, It'll be on the next video, thanks for the observation. I'll try to use recordmydesktop and switch footages of this video. Within a week, I'll post it here again. Nice quality, Pureon, what codec do you use? Or is your computer too powerful? I have no idea how reach such quality with CamStudio in my computer. I even tried DivX. Image quality increases, but fps keeps at 6-10. If someone has anything to suggest, feel free. And if is there any feature of the game that should be highlighted, just tell me. Nice. I'll try it. Thanks. Edit: It worked! Now, I'm going to create some video.
  4. Oops, sorry, I didn't see. And I think I left two cultures out (Celts and Romans). Thank you for point this. I'll pay more attention next time. Anyway, I intend to make another video (with the right names and all cultures) as soon as I get better images from the game.
  5. Hi! I read there's need for video editing, and I'm interested. I'm currently working with video edition and video effects. Once I enjoyed the game, I created a video, but I'm having troubles with screen capture. I don't know if it's my computer limitations (i5 3.2Ghz, 4GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 64Mb) or if it is a codec issue (I created with CamStudio, Microsoft Video 1). There are some reasonable shots, but mostly there are lags. I posted it in Youtube, you may take a look: . So, take it as an example and, if you like this one, tell me what do you need now.I hope you like the video. And about the screen capture, if it is possible, tell me a good (free) software for doing it. I know Camtasia, it is great, but I don't have it, and can't afford it right now. I use Windows and Ubuntu, so, if there is an Ubuntu alternative for doing it, I'm able to do it. Thanks.
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