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Aura Range Visualizations

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So, I was trying to make a fancier range visualization for the female aura.



But then when I selected a bunch of women together, it gets super super ugly and messy.



Any chance we'd get a flag in the aura code that lets us turn on merging for the rangeOverlay?


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It's done like that in Planetary Annihilation.

It's easy to do with an implementation from scratch. I will have a quick look if it's easily doable with the current implementation (I guess it is).

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Merging could probably be done by not rendering that part of the circle if some other entity already has a range overlay with the same identifier on that exact location.

(There was some related cleanup code, but if it was only D672, then there won't be merge conflicts)

(Also there's still an attack range  visualization patch around iirc)

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