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uncomplete-BuildAble EyeCandy

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Document the mod :)

for now here are some images
and a lil bit of detail
1) buildable eyecandy (requires gardener)
2) gardener unable to get resources
3) build rate 3.0 :) so fast builder for eyecandy
4) currently only bench buildable :)

GitHub-Hope you enjoy



1) added 7 more eye candy objects including 2 bridges


1) added 4 more eye candy objects including a orchard




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But it might be worth considering to implement building 'folders' (as Roekeloos is saying) to allow more buildings on the GUI.

Possible folders could be:

- military

- economy

- eye-candy

- etc.

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Some day we can implement those GUI changes with "tabs" for each building category. It's no priority but we'll get it done, it's not too difficult, but just overkill for now (as we shouldn't break compatiblity with 0AD as then neither can profit anymore from the other).

RoekeloosNL, did you mean we should have an extension system for buildings? That's already planned with techs, which should replace props on the fly (Sander's "Allow actor changes on tech research" is a good start for that.).

Wow. Awesome work. The gardener is another interesting addition.

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Tidied it up a bit and added a mod info file for it. In the meantime mute lovestone added heaps of eyecandy objects that can be constructed, e.g. bridges and fences.

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I thought of it, but settled on defining yours as a dependency of Mute Lovestone's functionality mod.

But now that you mention it, perhaps we should either split it more rigorously (i.e.move Mute Lovestone's eyecandy objects to our eyecandy_objects repo) or we could indeed simply add your objects to construct_eyecandy.

The merge might be called eyecandy then but I still think separating functionality from eyecandy_objects is no bad idea?

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