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Texture Artist

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Position: The position or role you are applying for. See the list above for the current available staff roles in Wildfire Games.

Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free?

Yes, i love that

Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license?



Marcio Josué Duron Ramirez aka Lion Kanzen

lion.kanzen@ gmail.com

MSN Messenger:



eg: Tegucigalpa, Honduras Central America (-6 GTM).


21 hours in my Study/Class Period and Vacations 14 Hours




Student Advertising and Communication

Skills and Experience:

Editing in Photoshop, (Programs Skills)Advanced

Create graphic in Adobe Illustrator(Program Skills)Advanced

Photographer (Professional Skill) Medium

Digital Illustrator(Professional Formation Skill) Medium

Audio Editor(Professional Formation Skill) Medium

Video Editor(Professional Formation Skill) Medium

Adobe premiere(Program Skills)

After effects(Program Skills)

Adobe Audition(Program Skills)

Concept Creative designer(Professional Formation Skill) Advanced

Writing Script (Professional Formation Skill) little exp

Producer(Professional Formation Skill) (really don't like but i know do it)

CSS3(Skill) little exp

HTML5(skill) little exp

What experience have you had in the past?


Im very Creative, very Visual blessed, and i love this game.


Loyality to Death in Battle

Short Essay:

Improved the game, i think the oportunity in 2004 to have a Perfect RTS and 2011 i was play my first Alphas and GUI not like too much. principal the textures, the same for all Game.

Interests and Hobbies:

Art, Photography, Gaming, Tv (Make and Watch), Movies(Make, watch and enjoy).


Nope, but Spanish Speaker like Enrique like to be friends.

and Mythos are great Leader



Favorite Game:

0 aD

Rome Total War

Fifa Series

AOE series

Zelda series

Silent Hill Series

Work Examples:











Edited by Lion.Kanzen

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To some extent you've already begun your application process since you're already creating things, so I don't think this thread will get a lot of replies (just keep up working on things and if you keep having a good attitude towards constructive criticism of your work and the quality is high you will be asked to join in a more official capacity later :) ). Thank you for posting this thread though to make it more official.

As a general comment: It's generally not a good idea to include everything you've ever done when you're applying for something, but rather just the very best things you have done. It doesn't matter much in this case since we know you and have seen some of these before and know that they don't necessarily show what you can do right now, but if someone would just see these things without any previous information he or she might even doubt it's the same person who has created them all. Some of them are ok, some of them are good, some of them are great, and some of them are bad. If you just show the great ones (and maybe one good one if it shows you've got other skills than the great one shows) you will give people a much better impression of your skills. ;) (Especially since it's easier to remember bad stuff than good stuff, so even one bad image might make you think the good ones are not as good as they actually are.)

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Really Want not only the Shields or Only Mauryan,

The point of making the Art dept forum open was to encourage people to work on the game's art without having to "pass through" an application.

If you think you can contribute to the game's art with textures/3D models/whatever, just start doing so like you did :)

Just keep in mind that we are looking for some standards that have to be met, and therefore the team will ask you to change, modify or discard something you worked on. This is something natural, it's not for discouraging people from working on the game, but to keep the game awesome looking. (I've worked on some models and textures that weren't good enough or didn't fit the game visuals and discarded them or heavily modified based on team feedback)

So, if you want to work in something else than Mauryan shields, just ask the primary questions you may have about the specific area you want to work in, and start contributing :)

As you know, there are priorities which are always better to have someone working on them (like Mauryan shields :P), but it's not mandatory.

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No entendi, como asi Enrique?(in Spanish). o sea que puedo preguntar y/o pedir que puedo hacer?


Si crees que puedes mejorar alguna textura en concreto, o añadir más variedad (por ejemplo, texturas del terreno, con hierba, con rocas, etc..) puedes trabajar en ello y preguntar las dudas sobre cómo las tienes que hacer.

(Mejor preguntar antes para no tener que volver a empezar en el caso de que tengan que ser de alguna manera especial)

Las texturas para los edificios ya es más dificil, porque afectaría a todos los edificios a la vez, y es mejor que la persona que está trabajando en los edificios se ocupe de ella.

No te vamos a obligar a trabajar en las texturas que necesitemos con mas prioridad (aunque sea mejor para el desarrollo del juego)

Cada artista tiene sus fuertes y sus debilidades, y preferimos que trabajes en tus fuertes para que el resultado sea de buena calidad.

Dicho esto, en qué te gustaría trabajar?


Yes, you can ask or decide what you want to work in.

If you think you can upgrade any particular texture, or add more variety (i.e. terrain textures, grass textures, etc) you can work on it and ask all doubts about how they have to be.

(better to ask before in case the textures need some special treatment and you have to start over)

Structures' textures are more difficult, because it would affect every building using the texture, and it's better to leave that work to the person who is making the buildings.

We are not going to push you to work on high priority textures (even if it's better for the game developement)

Each artists has it's own strongs and weaknesses, and we prefer that you work in your strongs, so the work you make is high quiality.

That said, what do you would like to work in?

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You see, now I'm sound artist my second or third sense. but you can read all my specialty.

Primarily I studies Graphic design in United (from Laureate International  Universities ).

Then I take a second one "Communication and mediaadvertising" with focus in Communication for Social development.

And Ancient history lover and gamer.

Basically Press(all printable even textiles or plastic), Radio, Television(even YouTube).

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