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  1. The release page looks great, and the IndeGoGo campaign was done very well. Very nice!
  2. Lords of Magic was an awesome game. I used to waste whole weekends playing that game . I started playing RTSes with AOE 1 and Warcraft 1. I've played all 3 Warcrafts and several AOEs. Total Annihilation was also a lot of fun.
  3. I'm just now getting around to seeing this news -- it's awesome! I'm so thankful that this is finally released, despite latest lazy streak. You rock, Geek and Aviv!
  4. I plat TF2 on a somewhat regular basis. On occasion, I'll go on a Minecraft kick. Other than that, I don't game a whole lot .
  5. bstempi

    Forum Upgrade Complete

    My initial guess is that the system pulls the posts from the last X unit of time. I was able to find some retired users that are still active and have items pop up in their feed (Centurion_13), and then users who haven't been active for years and have nothing in their feed (Curufinwe). Based on the dates I'm seeing, I'm guessing the limit is 1 year. I'll dig deeper and confirm.
  6. bstempi

    Forum Upgrade Complete

    I took a look at the search problem. Using advanced search, I set my search range between 2008 and 2011. I got results from before 2011. Also, I noticed that the default is to sort results by the last time the thread was modified. It appears that it'll find posts from further in the past, but it's the thread's date that appears. I'll look into the retired user issue.
  7. bstempi

    Forum Upgrade Complete

    I wonder if this is a character encoding issue with one of our browsers. I don't think any one would intentionally edit those links -- that just seems strange.
  8. bstempi

    Mythos_Ruler's Playlist

    I clicked on this video hoping for some sweet acoustic metal. I was slightly disappointed until the last half-ish of the video.
  9. Don't forget us web-critters!
  10. bstempi

    Recent forum upgrade

    Same here -- and then a few hours went by. I'll look into it when I get a chance. I'm on vacation at the moment, so I'm trying to push off as much as possible .
  11. bstempi

    Recent forum upgrade

    Strange -- I upvoted one of your posts, and I see that it returned to 0. I can see that I clicked on it, though. I'll look into it. If you could, please open a ticket so I don't forget.
  12. bstempi

    Recent forum upgrade

    Do you have a link to a post that you tried up-voting?
  13. bstempi

    Forum Upgrade Complete

    Hey there! Sorry for the slow response, I'm currently on vacation. Nothing should have been deleted. It's possible that it was overwritten or that I've misconfigured a URL somewhere. Either way, we made backups before doing our upgrade, so rest assured that nothing was lost. I'll hop on it next week when I get back.
  14. bstempi

    Forum Upgrade Today

    I think so...I'm not sure