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  1. Hi Stan, Page hotkeys finished in parts, please take a look at the (invisible) comment in between, if you have time. I'm going to work now.
  2. Hi, I would say that I could have come up with the sandbox idea by myself.
  3. Hi Stan, thanks. may I still ask you to put me 2 empty wiki pages in the directory. I want to design 2 example pages with different scrolling. Thank you
  4. @Nescio Hi, yes, that's what I thought. And based of this: http://Wikipedia:Manual of Style, maybe not so detailed. @Stan` OK, I can live with. Can you please put the next pages in the directory? And thanks for the reviewers, i thought that was great and that I need it. Andreas
  5. @beau hi Beau, very pleased to be able to split the job. In short words about me. My age, as I'm sure you already read. Also training as technical editor, more in direction of mechanical engineering. My time windows are different, I work in shifts. Welcome again @Stan` Hello Stan, is there a guideline for the documentation? As described here? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Style_guide Or should we write one? Does it make sense to create a documentation area in the forum? Andreas
  6. @Stan`, @FeXoR, @GunChleoc Hi all, back from work, so we can discuss a lttle bit. My understanding is, that Intelligent Services search, find, spread and process information wherever and whenever possible. From this, 'intelligent' measures are derived. But all are based of Informations. @FeXoR Thanks. And "Erkundung" is a Compromise, also for me. Because of "Du/Sie". This pages are part of an (technical) handbook. This is technical information (for me) and there it is unusual to write "DU". It may be that my age also plays a role, but I can change if necessary. I could have changed a lot more because to me personally in the text are too many "you can do this and that" instead of "do that, do this", or "Click there, then you have that result", but ok. @GunChleoc also "Spionage" is based of gathered Information.
  7. @Stan`Hi Stan, it can go on. This and next week but only in the morning. Also something for discussion: In the document "Manual_BasicGameplay", under "Collect" there is the term "intelligence" in the English document. I translated that, as I have drowned the text, with "information" because it looked more appropriate to me. Please check it out and tell me which one to change.
  8. @Stan` both finished and on Monday we continue. A nice WE
  9. Which variant tells you more, circles inside or outside?
  10. @Stan` Hi, attached 2 Image excamples for Manual BasicGameplay. Image_Excamples_MnualBasicGameplay.zip
  11. @feneur Oh, that was a misunderstanding. The images linked in the document "wiki: buildings" could not be displayed in any of my browsers, but only those, like e.g. in the document "Wiki / Manual_BasicGameplay". This should only be an hint of differences and that I am eliminating these differences when I am see such when translating. Otherwise, an access right to the image directory makes sense, so that I can copy it there after approval. My Trac username is the same as here. Andreas
  12. @Stan`, @feneur, I think I found the mistake with the pictures. In wiki: buildings the image links are http: // wildfire ..., in ManualBasicGameplay and others you find: [[Image (Manual_BasicGameplay: Athenian_Preview.png, 800)]], which is the new style in the documents. I correct that during the translation @Stan` In the document ManualBasicGameplay the picture does not match the text. In the section "Gather resources", sentence 1, text in parenthesis. In section "Build / create units", sentence 4 The first sentence is not the problem, delete the text and well. But sentence 4 causes me problems. Can you please correct that or may i send you corrected pictures?
  13. done with Content translation in german language, Style adaptation to wiki start page, Uniform design of the notes, Footnote (anchor) added for testing (sometimes necessary for explanations). It also bothers me that you have to scroll so long. I would either put a few jump labels, or individual sections of the picture e.g. insert all 5 or 10 headings.
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