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  1. Select: Multiplayer -> Game Lobby - and sign up - you can get a game there pretty easily.
  2. That is kind of the purpose of me getting involved at this level of detail - all I can do is hope that you will understand this. I don't think anyone is questioning what you are doing, the concern is more about how you are doing it. Good/Bad/or Indifferent - what you are changing needs to be logged. Really the only reason why, is that in the unlikely event that your changes have unintended consequences, we need to know how it happened and what needs to be done to backtrack. It's really that simple. My personal opinion? You should be tracking this stuff yourself, the fact that I have to d
  3. Understood. I'll keep digging through it an enumerating what is different from vanilla, if we need to move what I am doing from a thread or to phabricator or whatever of course I will comply. My feedback and questions in my docs are just my opinions, they don't necessarily mean much more than that. The only thing I am vehement about in my opinions is that things that are unique to a civ should not be mooted by so called balance changes, and I also see zero purpose in removing the ability to train men and cav from the CC - I won't ever agree that something like that has anything to do with g
  4. I will be as thorough as possible, making sure I get everything listed out. And please feel free to move this thread if it is posted in the wrong place.
  5. "0 A.D. is released as open source: you can freely use, copy, modify and distribute the game's source code and data files, as long as you include attribution to Wildfire Games and let anyone freely modify and distribute any of your own modifications to the game's files." I am not doing anything that the 0ad license does not allow me to do. You do not have a right to complain about this.
  6. This will be a project to carefully document with as much detail as possible what is being changed in the Borg gameplay Mod offered for download on mod.io New Balance. New Technology Trees. New Bonus. New Auras. New Units. New Buildings and much more. All of these changes need to be enumerated and tracked, as this mod or parts of it may end up being rolled into a future release of 0ad Alpha (vanilla). This is being done so that current vanilla 0ad players can make informed decisions about how to adapt current strategy to these significant changes should any or all of these changes make
  7. Not sure I can agree with the statement that "women shouldn't be available to a faction unless there is good precedent for them having a larger role". What would be the point of removing the ability to train women from some factions? Didn't all of these societies indeed have women in them?
  8. My feedback on your mod is pretty simple: Giving all civs common startup techs from the CC, and removing the ability to train citizen soldiers from the CC. IMO, this is a considerable mistake. The male units that train from the CC are not the same for every civ, some can train skirmishers, some archers, some swordsman, some slingers, etc. You've removed a feature that makes 0ad unique. It now takes an incredible amount of time, and wood - to get up a barracks, an archery range, and a stable - in order to make the units that in vanilla you can make from the CC if you want. Even wo
  9. Well just to be clear on what my issue is - I don't think the things that make 0ad unique should be removed. I believe it is possible to address MP gameplay balance issues without doing things like removing the ability to train citizen soldiers from the CC.
  10. Very easily. I have consumed the documentation that is published on this website - it is extremely easy to identity a suggested change that doesn't align itself with what is documented. If you look at what is published, every unit in this game has historical reasoning and research behind the way it is implemented. Inventing a new system to supersede that work and research, whether it becomes part of the game or not, is an abandonment of the very core of this game.
  11. My point remains that all this talk of drastically changing things is counter productive. There is a road-map for getting to the release of the game and quite obviously that road-map should be followed. More power to the modders for having fun and treating 0ad like it's a personal sandbox that allows them to change everything, but that process is/and should be - separate from getting the current vanilla 0ad code base into Beta and then release. And the fact that in some instances I am being personally attacked for this stance and having to put people on ignore, in my mind only serves to il
  12. Of course they didn't, but they also didn't get everything completely wrong as some are suggesting. How the CC works and how resources are collected does not need to be changed.
  13. Moderation note: The posts in this thread were split off from here as it was increasingly off-topic. It shouldn't be.
  14. I very much enjoy the game, and yes it looks great
  15. I just simply don't agree. There is no way to get any kind of significant play of a mod, the game lobby is where the players are. Again, we all know that the Celts have a distinct advantage, and targeting them directly is the obvious answer. The code is in Alpha, it's not a released game, this makes the game lobby the perfect place for changes to take effect and get thoroughly vetted by a wide variety of players. The mod discussion or the reworking of how 0ad is designed, what units can train where, and the endless debate of what is "wrong" with vanilla just simply isn't productive. I
  16. Yeah so what? That is simply an inherent risk of attacking, you had better win, or you will be behind. That's more about scouting and understanding what you are attacking then about the resources you lose from a minute of marching, and besides, if they are champion units, cavalry, or siege, your little formula doesn't even apply. IMO, you are making a big deal over something that is trivial, no player uses all the resources he is gathering down to the 0 level all the time anyway...I see no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
  17. I don't really understand what you are saying - if I take soldiers off of gathering resources, the person I am attacking has to do the same thing to defend. It's pretty much a wash. And as pointed out, it's not a nightmare to put them back to work, it's a hotkey. And I guess you have never heard about an army plundering the land of its riches when it defeats them? The resources that the attacking army can gather in enemy territory basically represents plundering and looting, and there certainly is 'authentic historical' precedence for that. And then you go on to suggest that the micro to
  18. This is why: "That's just the nature of an open source project. Everyone has their own vision and they collide either creatively or destructively. I know I quit 'solo modding' after I honed my skills enough to get a feel for how things work. Modding is a waste of time at this point if you're looking for an end product. The thing is Terra Magna is a testing ground for civs so it wont break so often, Delenda Est and other balance mods are gameplay mods so you're going to be locking antlers with the dev team when we make any kind of progress/clean up code. You have to understand too, I'
  19. This is my point about changing things that are core to the game - if you allow women to build everything you void a Spartan civ special tech. That's why changing out core functionality is a slippery slope and can't be done lightly. I will give you an example: History: Baguada means 'guerrilla'; an irregular combatant. Skirmishers, raiders, pirates, etc., would fit under such a designation. Such men were extremely common in Celtic armies. While positions were best held by dedicated spearmen standing in an ordered line and wall, the duty of softening an enemy, and even breaking weaker e
  20. Massed slingers are the number one problem with 0ad right now - this needs to be addressed ASAP. I'm pretty sure there was never an intention that an army of slingers would rule this game. In 1v1 competitive play, I am finding little reason to make spears at the start - startup typically consists of women with ranged infantry as workers. The ranges men walk faster than spears, so there is a huge economic benefit to making them. Spears in Age 1 need to somehow become more important to make, because they are supposed to be the bread and butter of most armies from this time period.
  21. Spartan women are allowed to construct towers and palisades as a unique tech to the Spartans - therefore, in order to maintain this unique tech, all other women should not be allowed to do this. The ability of men to lay the foundations but women to build is in my view an unintended consequence that should be removed in order to preserve the unique tech of Spartan women.
  22. In my opinion the ability for women to be tasked to build military buildings should be removed. You should not be able to lay a foundation with a male then task women to build the military building, wall, tower, or palisade, unless of course it is a Spartan woman. The meta is going to soon become one of the starting men will lay a foundation for a rax and the women will build it - I'm pretty sure this is an unintended consequence, please remove this ability from women.
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