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  1. It's definately possible to do... whether it'd be in by default or not is another issue . Of course, you could always code it yourself once the game is capable of running ai scripts and WFG releases it. I don't want to go into detail with my ai plans because it's not even in a predraft stage. I haven't worked on it in months, but I don't want people to think I'm not coming back . I do enjoy everyone's ideas and I would eventually consider them important once I get back to the groove of things. For example, I probably will not support your type of diplomacy... but I can make sure the AI functio
  2. I totally agree and I'm hoping to incorporate good diplomacy between 2 ai players and simple diplomacy between human and ai. The 0ad team probably hates me for being inactive, but I'll be back to work sooner or later :x.
  3. Mabuse, the way I imagine it would work is that the scripter codes in how the AI should act and react to a situation just like you would in AOK/AOM. Learning would be an optional goodie in a scripter's arsenal where he can tell the AI to figure out how to handle this situation because there is no one simple way to define it in code. Maybe there were too many variables in the situation. It wouldn't be something automatic that your AI starts ignoring your coded instructions. It would be something you willingly applied to your AI script. Of course, this is just things I throw around. I haven't de
  4. I think both types of learning are possible. I just can't say if there will be both or even one of them implemented at this early stage. Learning is a very optional feature for the game's completion.
  5. I understand where Stephen is coming from, and since he is mainly just uninformed and frustrated, I don't think anyone should/would take his comments offensively. If you think about it... the actual development started not long before you signed up. Before then, 0AD was somewhere along the lines of where TLA currently is. The big guys take an average of about 3-4 years to create their RTS. 0AD's been at it for 2.5 years. Why would you expect this game to be finished faster than how fast paid programmers, designers, artists, etc can do it? To be honest, 0AD makes pretty good progress considerin
  6. I haven't really been working on this stuff for a good 2-3 months, but I do plan to incorporate some learning into the AI if I'm smart enough to figure out how it should be done . I need to finish up some personal projects before I dive back in though. And as Matei said, we don't really know how it'll look like until it's almost done because things change over time. If I have anything to do with it, it'll be easy to work with though .
  7. He's talking about paul, not the whole staff ... and Yes, you guys will have a tough time beating me at least... If I end up sucking, I'll use my inside knowledge to cheat somehow. lol . j/k
  8. I was a big troublemaker in my teen years... not so long ago as I'm a few days from 21. I used to regularly visit some stores to shoplift with a few friends, but it wasn't really for the sake of stealing... We liked when the store owners chased us a few blocks, lol. It got to a point where we didn't even steal anymore, we just walked in the store, teased the owners, and have fun with a chase. I remember this one guy kept a stick to beat us with when we came around, we felt so special that he'd go through that kind of trouble. He never did catch us with that stick although he threw it at one of
  9. Yes, this would be possible. Tim, could you get on MSN? I need someone who likes AI and doesn't mind boring details .
  10. no evolution algorithms and no unsupervised learning. It won't invent tactics . About the ability to create tactics, it's possible, but I won't make promises on that.
  11. That's already in plans . We're giving the AI the ability to remember past events and use it's success rate as a deciding factor for whether to repeat it. It won't be used throughout, but it's a good optional addition for scripters.
  12. Our scripting language is more like AOM than AOK, but it's simpler than AOM. It might be possible to creating scripts in-game, but there are no plans to do so. We'll definately offer a good debugger and error handler to help find incorrect commands and logic in scripts though.
  13. I'm hoping to push what's expected from AI in an RTS game with 0ad so you can expect a bunch of cool things from it. I read somewhere in this thread where someone suggested to turn micromanagement on and off where the AI takes over some things if you don't care about handling it which is exactly one of those cool things I hope to present. I'm also making it possible for the AI to communicate with another AI and play like a team such as helping a teammate when it's being attacked, building in an area under constant pressure, allying with others if it's beneficial to the AI, etc. I'm hoping to e
  14. I'm looking for a PHP slave programmer to do my bidding for a month.
  15. unfortunately, cheezy is right. scripting languages calculate differently and although work similarly, make different assumptions.
  16. I was thinking of a much larger scale... Something like how Visual Studio makes Windows Forms. That feature is relatively simple to implement into scened, but it screams feature creep . A scenario editor should be for just that... editting scenarios. When time allows, I'm sure we could get some people to code an RMS editor. BTW, RMS isn't that hard . IMO. our RMS language is simpler than AOK/AOM. You can create detailed groupings in code with ease although it'd take some preplanning to figure out .
  17. Okay, I'll take it back... It should theoretically be possible. Even more so because our RMS language is object-oriented. It's alot of work to create that type of editor though. I wouldn't dismiss a possible Visual RMS Editor in the future. But the first 0ad release most likely wouldn't include it.
  18. it can't... you could convert a scenario to script code, but you can't make it random.
  19. btw, mabuse... thx for specifying that... yes you could compare functions with eachother directly. "how to determine what i wanted to do ? Thats impossible - and anyway not needed" To determine that, we could log the decisions and actions the AI made sorta like a movie script of what happened during a game. You could then use it to find things that you find wrong... like why did it go for so much wood if it needed to make cavalry type things .
  20. can you specify what you mean by unit emotion and how it would apply to a game like 0AD? If it's a consistent reaction, it would work in an RTS game, if it's a random reaction, it would ruin the balance.
  21. That's impossible... the nature of scenarios have nothing random about them so you can't create random maps using a visual editor like that.
  22. The AI editor is probably a no. There are many text editors you could use and some allow you to define syntax highlighting with a configuration file. As for debugging, this would be implemented into the game engine itself. I wanted to put less emphasize on a script debugger and more emphasize on an informative error handler though. If the script can send you notices/warnings without failing unless it was a critical bug, you have a better chance of figuring out what's wrong. It would even help find logical bugs that aren't obvious, but you'd like to know about them. Logical operators would com
  23. Hi, I think it's time we heard from you AI Scripters and AI hopefuls about what you want the AI language to do for YOU. It would be best to stay as general as possible and let us deal with specifics. So go wild and tell us what you want.
  24. Hi, I think it's time we heard from you Random Map Scripters and RMS hopefuls about what you want the RMS language to do for YOU. It would be best to stay as general as possible and let us deal with specifics. So go wild and tell us what you want.
  25. AI is so much harder than RMS, I definately will not be defining it on my own . I need at least 2 others for this beast of a system hehe.
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