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  1. According to the light war ship I put in there from another dock, it's all clear captains! Joining a save file I made early in the game (7zip). Thanks a lot for the astounding support Angen and LordGood Again if this can contributes to eg. a note pointing out the pathfinder weaknesses then I'll super happy. EDIT: Dock in question blocks triremes as light war ships such as the one below. Oh and it's the Corinthian isthmus just in case. 0ad-a23-cannot-build-warship--cant-find-free-space-to-spawn-trained-units.save.7z
  2. Thanks Angen yeah I know for the paths, for a couple years I guess So you guys see the screens, and see no path to spawn a ship here?
  3. Hello, presently stuck in a game where it will block any war ship to spawn (ie one sec before it should be launched). Haven't find any related issue therefore reporting. I saved this game 'profile.txt' and any other log files to share any of them here on at a better location if requested, no problem. The reason seems to be the game thinks there's no free space, even though there is plenty of space (there's just 2 ships in the whole lake) eg fishing and merchant ships so spawn without problem. Also have 20+ free room for more pop. Please see attached screens. - Can't spawn any *war* ship. Cancelled the ship that was blocked and ordered it again --» same error. - Saved and fully exited the game then reloaded --» same error. - Can train fishing and merchant ship without issue. Posting here to help improve the great game, so please feel free to advise me on how to do it clearly enough!
  4. @Sundiata, @LordGood, @wowgetoffyourcellphone, @stanislas69, @elexis, @wackyserious and all contributors to this achievement: Men and lads I'm proud of what you've done, seriously. I updated the Wikipedia (FR) and Mediawiki pages accordingly.
  5. tuk0z

    2vs2 Nomad

    App and link above are for Windozs® OSes (7z is a library on gnu/linux, i.e. can be used from most available archivers without the need to add another application) .
  6. tuk0z

    2vs2 Nomad

    http://opensourcewindows.org/ PeaZip in the page above handles 7z well I was told.
  7. ValihrAnt's latest 2v2 match on Uknown land. Mauryan & Iberians vs Gauls and Seleucid. I LOVE THIS TEAM BONUS! | 0 A.D. 2V2
  8. Hi, do you have a 'local.cfg' file in your config folder by any chance?
  9. Specificaly, some replays I cannot... replay them as `unrar-free` (the only version of the closed sources app' a Linux user have access to) produces empty folders from them. All these are *.RAR. So to illustrate what serveurix just said
  10. Temple very good at training cavs but not at having a front line, while Liberty here is kindof Master Stratego (but to support his women citizen ^^), showing off how to play Ptolemies close to their best IMHO. Hadn't seen some one building Barracks *and* training from both buildings in early Village phase till this replay. Thanks for sharing
  11. Hmmmmm mwaaaahaha these people were incredibly brilliant in 3D (stone) rendering Seriously I have little words to express how natural and subtile some of their pieces look. Human and animals. And they're freaking byo͞oʹtĭ-fəl! Say I had never seen black faces on old statues till I discovered 0 A.D. (forums). And I've studied history for years. Sundiata I gotcha your deep, mixed feeling --some of it.
  12. Yeah (translation from French) this expo summarizes 40 years of archeologic work in present Sudan of which ten led by the guy on the vid (Matthieu Honegger). Guys thanks! they have incredibly "living" (my feeling) pieces in there The mummie is actually a Nubian archer! he was buried on a Buffalo leather with his two bows! Also they say the videos at their expo focuse on showing off how life actually went on in « Nubia » from the earliest settlements to (and incl.) Kerma arround 2k BC.
  13. Whole thread much appreciated be me, a 3D programming total noob more involved into general systems builds & optimization. On the hardware part it seems to me the GLSL you talked about in this thread requires a « GPU » supporting OpenGL >= 2.0? ANd going further does it matter to play 0 A.D., whether the GPU has pixel and vertex shaders (e.g. Radeon Radeon X1950 GT or GeForce 7600 GT) vs more the recent Unified shaders "cores"?
  14. @Lion.Kanzen specificaly « with the current SVN/dev version of 0 A.D. » Current dev being the one available via Git, correct?
  15. Wow! Pretty graphics indeed, right from the start But [attached screens] wowgetoffyourcellphone is your Git repo compatible with 0 A.D. Git? It's `0ad-git 20147` I cloned, compiled and launched tonight. Or maybe a pure 0. A.D.-git issue as of today? Game starts fine when selecting default mod. EDIT :-) It's the opposite of what I just wrote: DE works fine not the default mod ! Clicked on default mod in Mod selection launched DE. Apologies.
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