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  1. Am I wrong or was there no house in the tests ? If so, I believe the error comes from the fact that Petra think Stables mean House, so as houses are the number 1 priority in the list, they keep spamming these as making a stable don't have the effects intended from a house (Petra expect a population cap increase, which never comes).
  2. Although a farm can be ignored for the Xiongnu, I believe not having a Dock would be a real handicap, as if we go to maps like the Cyclades Islands, they can only wait for their ennemy to come. I think they should get a dock, but only in age II or III, for mainly historic purpose.
  3. The sign on the banner is 漢 (汉 in simplified). It is said "hàn" in modern chinese and signifies the Han Dynasty, so I believe the flag is accurate.
  4. In fact, it's more the contrary. Since a city is theoretically attractive, the close areas would be more buildable but a city that create in the middle of nowhere needs to "terraform" the wild terrain (cut down trees, make flatter areas...), so it's more costly, so it wouldn't be realistic.
  5. Yes, logical (the old way is more confusing than this one). But in that case, where could this error come from ? Since I'm there, could I ask two questions ? @The Undying Nephalim Are you considering traducing your game in other languages ? If yes, could I help to traduce it in French (since I'm a native speaker) ? Will there be a subforum completely dedicated to Hyrule Conquest mod, since the Hyrule: Total War community is big ?
  6. In fact, as he says, all buildings between each faction are radically different, so making as the game is coded for is too mind-blowing to be done properly (I hope you understand my poor English).
  7. @The Undying Nephalim I asked someone who actually know something about prog and then we found something. In the error, it specifies that the error is line 1452. let popBonus = gameState.getTemplate(house).getPopulationBonus(); Since the error type is "gameState.getTemplate(...) is null", and inside these brackets is house, we searched above how "house" was specified, we got to line 1450. let house = gameState.applyCiv("structures/{civ}_house"); So if you want to integrate this into the code : this.buildings = { "ai_buildfield": { "default": [], "hylian": [ "structures/hylian_farmsteadA" ], "gerudo": [ "structures/gerudo_pigfarmA" ] }, "ai_buildhouse": { "default": [], "hylian": [ "structures/hylian_housesA" ], "gerudo": [ "structures/gerudo_housesA" ] }, }; You might make it here. It's just a possibility, after all ! @niektb I can't find where the civ.json file is. Where is it, so I can try to find an answer here (even if I most likely won't since I haven't the Hyrule Conquest files).
  8. In fact, I'm an AZERTY user, so it might be the case for some reasons. I will try it on Windows since I pointed out this problem on Linux, haven't tested it out on Windows. I will tell you the result afterwards.
  9. Can be the solution because this line that you quoted was generic : Since there is a directory for each civ, Petra must be looking for a "gerudo" and "hylian" directory. This house.xml file exist in every civilization directory, except for hellenes nations which is normal because three different civs have same graphics, and carthaginians for some reasons (they have a strange name before house.xml - maybe due to there new scaffolding & damage variants feature ?). Maybe your should stack all gerudo actors in a gerudo directory, same for hylians, and remove this A, since variants are specified in the .xml file : <group> <variant frequency="1" name="House A"> <mesh>structural/maur_house_a.dae</mesh> <props> <prop actor="props/structures/mauryans/house_a_struct_b.xml" attachpoint="root"/> </props> </variant> <variant frequency="1" name="House B"> <mesh>structural/maur_house_b.dae</mesh> <props> <prop actor="props/structures/mauryans/house_b_struct_b.xml" attachpoint="root"/> </props> </variant> <variant frequency="1" name="House C"> <mesh>structural/maur_house_c.dae</mesh> <props> <prop actor="props/structures/mauryans/house_c_struct_b.xml" attachpoint="root"/> </props> </variant> <variant frequency="1" name="House D"><mesh>structural/maur_house_d.dae</mesh> <props> <prop actor="props/structures/mauryans/house_d_struct_b.xml" attachpoint="root"/> </props> </variant> </group> I'm not good at this so it's maybe completely wrong, but it's an idea.
  10. Hello, Since I started to play the Alpha XXII, I've noticed one thing : I can't create groups of unit anymore (by pressing CTRL + 1 - 2 - 3 ...). Am I doing something wrong in the command or is there any sort of bug or something else that I don't know about ?
  11. Maybe it has to do with Petra has an order to create more houses but it can't find these ?
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