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  1. Another one: *ArtmosPT commands.txt metadata.json
  2. Hey guys. Here's another quitter: *oshivan I want justice . Reagrds, Daniel_King. metadata.json commands.txt
  3. Hello i would like to report a hih rated quitter. Hes name is Lagos. Please punish him commands.txt metadata.json
  4. Hello guys. Recently I'm playing all the time 1vs1 ranked games. During this time I passed through multiple games ending by leaving (not resigning) by my opponents. I was thinking what can be done to solve this problem and i invented something like that. In ranked match there can be only resigning option for both players to end the game before the time. Although I'm aware of the fact that sometimes match needs to be ended qucikly. For example if random map turns out to demonstration map or something like that there needs to be option for "RE'. So i inveted something like this. In multiplayer match there should be option like voting. For example: random map turns out to be demonstration map (nothing on it) so u can't play normal match. Then one of u starts voting for draw, second one agrees and match is ended without changes in score for both players. I think it can solve leaving problem in ranked matches. Tell me guys what do You think about my invetion and sorry for my english (I'm not english speaking person). Regards. Daniel_King
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