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    [a21 replays]

    Map: Mainland Players: maxticatrix ,Merov , JorgeGijon , Henry_Arch_T60 VS Vercingetorix_ , nigel87 , , siole. Summary: 4vs3 . Henry_acrch resign just after he was crushed by siole , and then we just start attacking vercingetorix in a non-stop fight . Really a fun game. P.D. Some may say that slinger are op , judge by yourself. 2016-12-12_0002.zip
  2. I have to disagree with the persian , their hero is good and you can spam champs from him , ask elexis how do i play with the persian , when i take the persian i always win (depends on team work too) so it's a matter on how do you control them. PD: persians are not the worst ,they are now better with the new eles and champs building on svn.
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