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  1. Hi there, when is the next 0 A.D. release? The last one was long ago... Best regards Justin
  2. Are all changes mirrored to github? Or is this only an outdated state?
  3. Thanks! But i cannot work on it yet, because of university. I cannot work on this until march.
  4. Hi, Thanks for your answer! I dont have such an file in my config directory.
  5. I have discovered also an interesting article, how age of empires resolved some problems: https://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/131503/1500_archers_on_a_288_network_.php Okay. Then we should use more multi-threading in simulation, or? CPU clock speed will be reduced in future and number of cores will be increased. So this problem will also increase with newer CPUs.
  6. This is what i mean. Exactly! That's the problem! You need more resources now, but the number of resources in map hasn't changed. So demand is higher than supply. And caused by this, you cannot really build big walls anymore, because you dont get enough resources in early game to do this. So walls becomes more and more irrelevant. But we should fix that by increasing the amount of stones in stone mines. Maybe this will fix the problem an little bit. But i think it will be an better idea, if you decrease the costs or increase the number of resources per mine by default.
  7. thanks for your help! On github their isnt any branch, except master. But i see you use newest version of enet. 0 A.D. is using UPD protocol, or isn't it? Is there an replacement / alternative to spidermonkey? Also i think it will be an better idea to use queues for receiving and sending messages... This will make multi-threading an little bit easier. I think i should start with improving the documentation while reading NetServer.cpp and NetClient.cpp, as you said... > The connection is via network, just like every other client, except that its the local ip, so you get like 6ms latency instead of 200-500ms (average to barely acceptable ping). why was so decided? Isn't it an unneccessary overhead? Or should server always standalone? > then it won't get cycles to process and send the net packets, thus loses the connection to the server running in the separate thread (while possibly no other client loses the connection). thanks! I understand the problem now. Hmmm... I think this wasnt an good design descision, because this causes most of lag. Most games today doesnt work like peer anymore...
  8. Yes, but maybe the number of stones in a stone mine was decreased in one of last alphas?
  9. thanks for all this answers! Really interesting! thanks! Where can i found his patch? I have seen you have migrated to Github? Or is current code already in SVN? I will try this. The only problem is, that my c++ skills are currently an little bit rusty. But i think i can do it. Do you use an networking library or does 0 A.D. use normal C++ networking? And yes, the hardest part in 0 A.D. is to start coding... "which sometimes leads to funny situations like the host losing the connection to his own server while the others can observe and chat about that" I have also observed such situations. But why? If net server is only in another thread of same process, their isnt any connection between host and main client, or am i wrong? I will look into code...
  10. Currently the net client isnt running in an seperate thread? This means 0 A.D. is only single threaded? Why? What do you mean? If you want i can also help to make this single threaded game an little bit more multithreading. I have an little bit of experience in that. But the engine isn't documentated really well (for me), so its very difficult to get started into 0 A.D. development.
  11. thanks for your answers! Yes, but if you set Unlimited in multiplayer games it will cause lags. Its important, that pop 300 and Unlimited are different options. nice! Another thing is, that currently in most games you dont need walls anymore. Since 2 - 3 alphas walls have losed their importance. In most games you dont have the time to build great walls. That's too bad. Or i am such an bad player, that i do not come to build great walls. I have startet playing 0 A.D. with alpha 16 / 17 and on this multiplayer games i was building many, great walls. And with walls the playing time increases. Another problem is, that maps doesnt have enough resources anymore. Much maps doesnt have enough stone / metal anymore to build such great things.
  12. If i play a while sometimes the game is hanging up (also in singleplayer!). This means the game doesnt crash, but it doesnt do anything anymore. If i switch from fullscreen mode to windowed mode (or return to fullscreen mode) then, the game flickers and the window screen is black. In multiplayer games also the host crashes sometimes. What can i do? I have already reinstalled the game. thanks! system_info.txt
  13. Ah! thanks for this information! But i think an dedicated server is also an nice feature - independent from STUN. In Germany most routers doesnt supports STUN by default.
  14. The beautiful thing of 0 A.D. ( opposite AOE3) was that you can build an big army and handle 300 units. That was the challenge! If you decrease this number from 300 to 200 many players will return to AOE3 instead of 0 A.D., because AOE3 has an better balancing and less lag than 0 A.D. The really big thing of 0 A.D. was to handle such much units! Dont remove this unique selling point! Btw, since some alpha versions the playing time has been reduced. This is a pity. I think its an better idea to increase the playing time instead of decrease the pop cap.
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