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  1. Example of Parthian infantry from a Parthian relief. I would guess though that the best equipped soldiers were mounted.
  2. Amazing work Lord. Please continue!!
  3. Macedonian soldiers http://en.wikipedia....c_of_Palestrina Very large Macedonian star.
  4. Possible hero mount?? Replace that logo with a Macedonian star.
  5. Amazing, love how the support beam pokes out.
  6. Here is the gameplay. That unit stats, morale, etc. are modified for the video. I hate the arrow tracers. The arrows in the Carthage video is way better. Yes, Amish. Want too. :fear:
  7. Hopefully the modding community can add them.
  8. They need an Iberian tribe, Dacia, Seleucids playable. I want Armenia and Bactria too. Also hoping for an Ethiopian kingdom, Arab tribe, and an Indian kingdom/empire eventually.
  9. Rome Carthage Macedon Iceni Arveni Suebi Parthia Egypt(Hellenic) Pontus Pre Order Bonus Athens Epirus Sparta
  10. One of the CA guys said that's just one unit with that old fashion helmets. The others will get a mix of Roman era Greek helmets.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYl0F2NhNQo Three Greek factions for pre-order. Greek Culture Pack DLC. = Yay
  12. These are amazing, but do the Ptolemaic empire fuse Hellenic and Egyptian styles?
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