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    A resource heavy island in the middle of the Mediterranean, accessible either by boat or a narrow strip of land equidistant from both players. Plentiful fish and game. Of course, I'm no artist, and this probably looks like something that belongs in the sewer, so if anyone wants to spruce this up (or give me suggestions on how to do so), be my guest. GoldenIsland.zip
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    Good point and nice catch I'll fix those pronto. EDIT: Updated first post.
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    I find it really nice I feel like the island is not so much more resourceful than the rest of the map, maybe it's possible to make it more attractive? And I got Athenian soldiers with the Maurya so I think you made a mistake with skirmish entities
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    Some time ago I'm thinking to considerate this, like call to reinforcement and mix god's power with deck card from AOE 3. Work like god's power, with limit, 4 slots each for one per phase, but the power are political decisions or help from homeland.
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    I doubt that as that thread is in the staff forums and I doubt the topic starter has access to that ;-)
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    It is in the latest supported version (23) and rawhide. If someone wants it in an earlier supported version they should likely contact one of the maintainers listed at https://apps.fedoraproject.org/packages/0ad/builds.
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    The game is looking fantastic now. A couple of releases ago the art looked a little scruffy but now everything looks beautiful. I love the new maps and the amount of detail in them.
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