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civ idea #3


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Since Rockstar games decided to make GTA 6 an rts after adopting my civ ideas, I decided to take a short break. It's been one day, and I feel better now. Time for civ idea #3

I decided to make this civ based on super mecha champions. I lied about being a researcher in history. I am cs student who is also a degen weeb. So, back to topic, here is the new civ.

--->DISCLAIMER: If you have high bp, or anything like that, don't read further, you will be blown away and you will die (amen). <---

Civ name: Mecha

This civ is from the future (5000AD), they time travelled to 0AD so they could beat everyone's ass. Their basic unit is a Mecha who has 1000 hp, 100%/100%/100% Armour and does 1000/1000/1000 damage. It requires a lot of skill to use and is for experienced players only. I recommend borg try it against Valihrant. It also costs 25 Robux (I will link my Roblox account) to buy it from the 0ad e-shop. You get a free body pillow (anime girl of your choice, default is Makima).

I can't find concept art on it, but that shouldn't be tough to find. @stan0adartist, I request you to look into drawing something (ms paint is good I have heard, unless you have Linux, then use a vm and get ms paint)

I learnt how to do hello world in python, so I will code the civ as elexis is busy with binging Tom 0ad

If you have any ideas, let me know in the comment section


facts (oh facts)

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