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What music do you listen to when your sad?

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Hello guys :)

My first post of "getting activity up'n go on General chat", so ...

what kind of music do you guys listen to, when your really sad? I mean your girlfriend/boyfriend has broken up + your house burned down ... not like ... toenail broke =PPP

Anyway ... i listen to calm music like The Used, (which also have some fast phased songs), and Rap, like 2pac, and Eminem, because they have the same anger as I do when im sad :D

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I usually listen to my Man on Fire soundtrack or Gladiator because when I hear the music I know what a sad movie it is and it helps me justify my anger or sadness. Lol. That probably sounded so cheesy but who cares!!!! (Lol. That last sentance there was a quote from Georgie Henley. Lol. :))

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I thought this would be more suitable for Arts and Entertainment, but I don't think there should be a fuss. :P

Music used to be an integral part of any sadness I felt. My mistake was by listening to depressing songs while I had such feelings. All this did was feed the blues, so to speak.

My answer now is to rarely listen to depressing songs altogether - it might sound hard, but I now cast my interests in classical, and jazz, with a rare mixture of more contemporary artists (particularly the shoegazing artists of the early 90's, and some that cannot be classified in genres I usually like, such as the Minneapolis trio Husker Du and the Beach Boys).

Of course, these artists can still write sad songs, but if I'm actually feeling sad myself, I prefer to put something on that is awe inspiring (Bolero) or triumphant (1812 Overture).

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Emo - short term for 'emotive hardcore', or something to that effect. Generally misunderstood by everyone. Started in the early 80's with (straightedge) Fugazi and bands like that, but emo today is quite a lot different and more mainstream.

I'm not completely sure, I never listen to it.

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