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play replay fast as possible 128x

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i tried to run a replay as fast as possible. with little source hack i was possible to test it.

  1. 1x = 10min
  2. 5x 2m
  3. 10x 1m
  4. 100x 40sec
  5. 1kx 40sec

interesting. so it probably stopped because its not using many CPU ( i know it that it using not many ).

any idea to let it run eventually faster (without buy a new pc ;) of course)


i gues it has todo with a datatype that taks maximum of 128 ?

# virtual float GetSimRate     (         )     const
Sim Rate. Percentage scalar on real time. Typically ranges 0.25 - 128.0. Normal = 1.0.

Seems that is located in the server:

let speed = Engine.GetSimRate();


maximum speed i could play or replay is 128x then 10min takes 33seconds ( I measured )

Example: https://youtu.be/-GDMqClaZiE



topic bit related to https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/39791-reduce-power-consumption-electricity/


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