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We currently only have a 3dsmax exporter plugin for models and animations (.pmd and .psa) for the artists to get by on , but yes exporters and hopefully importers for other programs such as gmax and blender are planned to be made, so long as we can get someone to make them.

I don't know when we'll release these tools, but presumably close to when we release the game or maybe shortly after we release the game, depending on how we'd like to manage our community at that time.

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Incidentally, if anyone out there has is familiar with the Max SDK and wants to help out, please fill out an application form on the website. We currently lack programming experience with this toolkit and MaxScript, and in order to finish 0 A.D. we need to upgrade our exporters with a number of additional features, including:

  • support for non-biped animatable objects (siege, ships) vertex skinning and attachment (using skin and simple bones - vs. physique and biped)
  • export simple 3dmax bones and bone animations (for quadrupeds, fish, birds, deer, sheep, elephants - anything nonbiped)
  • skin information (for vertex assignments to simple 3dmax boned animations)
  • vertex based animation (like how 3ds saves its animations - for things such as trees falling)
  • support for newer versions and other modelling tools such as Blender (our current exporters only work in 3ds Max R6)

This task has been idling for many months due to lack of informed manpower, so if you can help out, we'd appreciate it and be able to get this game out that much sooner.

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Uhh, not to change subject toooo terribly much, but since you guys are planning to include vertex animations (I was worried for a bit there), will it conceiveably be possible to attach a vertex-animated model to a bone-animated model (I see no reason why it shouldn't) as one would a spear to a hoplite's hand?

Just curious, as it opens up some really interesting possibilities, such as, oh, I don't know, animating a head model for lip-sync and exporting it as a vertex-based animation, then attaching it to a bone-animation body for cinematics...you know, to save bizare armature rigs for the same end.

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